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Why am I a bad friend


I am a bad friend, I’m normally a very quiet and shy person and only talk to the people who are close to me, but I had a long exam Tuesday morning and it was tiring, I came out with a new energy knowing that I would never have to do one again. I was confident, funny and talkative which was a strange new energy.

But, it allowed me to get close to people and by doing that some how I have seemed to upset my friend by a side remark which was completely off the cuff and somehow she has become extremely offended and blanks me every time I talk to her when I tried to apologise, so I went to text because it’s the only way I could contact her and she just started yelling at me and calling me all the swear words in world.

I’m not even sure why she is annoyed, I tried to say sorry three times and nothing, so getting closer to people just fucks me over. I’m just going to stay distant. If don’t get to anyone I can’t hurt them.


Dear @Mini
Your friend is upset about what you said. The best thing to do to patch things up is give them time to cool off before you do anything. Also, don’t go into it accusatory, or pushing hard to just move on. These things can take time.
Stay strong, you are loved :slight_smile:


Hey @Mini. You’re a lot like me, and sometimes I wonder too if people will be better off without me in their lives. But life is too damn hard and too damn short to go through without someone by your side.
We all fall down and make mistakes. Try to put yourself in your friends position. Give her time and space (not too much time though, reach out if she hasn’t said anything in a while) to cool off.
And when she starts talking to you again, and I’m sure she will, make sure you know why she was offended in the first place so you don’t make the same mistake. And don’t let her insulting you drop completely too. Stand up for yourself, and let her know how you feel.
And trust me, try to reach out to people more. I know it can feel awkward and it sucks, but if you want to accomplish stuff in life, you’re going to need to talk to people. And it takes some learning how people are. Best start now, and keep trying.
Never give up <3


Hey Mini.

I really understand this. A similar situation happened to me a few months ago, I’m still trying to pick myself back up.

It’s really hard.

Just know you’re not alone.



Hey @Mini I hope you got an amazing grade on the exam!

If you have apologized and been honest. Being honest is very strong and positive thing to do in a friendship. My best friend and I disagree on a subject. The First time we had this discussion we almost ended our friendship but we realized we were be disrespectful to each other and did not realize it until stuff hit the fan. We stopped the subject. He and I are like like Night and Day on the Subject… yet we are still best friends. We have learned that just because we have disagreements doesn’t mean that we should give up on each other. Because of realizing what we were both were saying we became closer as friends. Being opened and honest is one of the most important things about being a friend. You will get hurt during friendships and the real friends are those that stick around and work it out. Those are the ones that become like family.

I hope this helped some! You are loved and I would Love to be your friend!

Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
Twitch: MorganVinHoch (See you in the chats!)