Why am i doing this?

Hey… a week ago i decided to create an Instagram account and go on a 100 day transformation program and post just to get the attention of the girl i really like… and once i do tell her how i feel about her, but who am I kidding she’s way out of my league… I kinda know my place in the world now a guy like me would never get a girl like her, hack this isn’t a movie… happy endings don’t exist the only way a girl would fall for me is if i were rich… And thats properly gonna take a long time.I should be focusing on my studies anyways and stop daydreaming


Hey @Hoffman,

You know, self-fulfilling prophecies can be very destructive and sabotage us so much. I’m not trying to be hypocrite there - yes, many people judge others based on the appareance, or their income, or their intelligence or whatever. But not the entire world is made of people who value those things. Unfortunately, on social medias, more often than not we’re likely to see people who are actually focused on their own image and appearance.

You’re not out of this world or doomed to be in a place you don’t want to. Beauty and the beast is a tale, not a real story. In reality, things are a lot more complex, because humans are more complex. Some can see in each other the broken parts they feel in themselves, and create a special connection from there too. My partner and I for example are definitely not top models, and we’ve met each other against the odds - two super introverted people who are convinced to be utterly broken and unlovable… being in a relationship was a distant dream for both of us. Yet it happened. Life can hold some unexpected surprises. For sure we can’t entirely force it. But on the contrary, it would be very damaging to hide under a pile of lies and give up on the possibility to live those experiences at all.

You are not unlovable and less than anyone. Meeting the right person is really about this: the right person. Someone who would be with you only for your appearance or money wouldn’t deserve you. They would use you in a way that would be truly unfair and not loving.

You are unique as you are. You will be seen as special to the eyes of someone. Please don’t give up on your ability and right to be loved because of these painful experiences. :hrtlegolove:


Hi @Hoffman
Thanks for posting, Can I first say that I do understand your frustrations with wanting a relationship as I was very much like that myself once, however I would like to say to you that being knocked back by a couple of people does not define your place in the world, You define your place, you as a person, it has nothing to do with who wants to date you thank goodness or a lot of us would be very badly thought of. It just means that, that one wasn’t the one and maybe the next one wont be either but there will be someone its just that sometimes it takes longer to find them.
Being knocked back is not very nice that’s true and it happens to all of us, even rich people and believe me being rich does not mean you get the girl, most girls would pick a good decent kind man on an average wage over a rich man any day so its definitely not about money.
Happy endings do exist for some, not for everyone but for some and you don’t know if you are going to one because you haven’t reached your ending. I hope you do find your Mrs. Right, be patient, try to stop worrying.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:

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