Why am i feeling this?

Im working now again, through a Company for an client. But it gives me some work but then it can be months before a new gig.
And its hard to get a contract that gives me a Job through the year, and its making me feel om not good enough. Im struggling with depression and this situation is bad, for it makes me feel nononevwantvtongive a chance.
And i hate it, i hate these feelings.


What kind of work do you do?

I’m sorry friend. Inconsistency can be a pain. I was contracted by a company for a couple years, myself. And while it was a fairly easy job at first, the pay was not consistent. One minute I’d get a paycheck after a couple weeks, the next I wouldn’t get paid for 3 months. I certainly couldn’t use it for important things like bills. Or I’d be in trouble. So I used it to save and never relied on it.

I’m sorry you are feeling so crummy right now. What kind of work are you doing? And can you find another job that is a little more consistent and reliable?

I know job searching is hell and not fun, but anything at this point would be better if it’s consistent. It can always be temporary till you find something you like better. <3

Good luck to you

Im a scaffolder. Working really hard