Why am i here

i don’t get it. why am i here? i’m nothing to nobody. i’m nothing to this world. what do i contribute? all i do is rot in my room all day and have people hate me and leave me. so why am i even here? it’s just stupid for me to be breathing at this point.

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Wow. I can hardly think of a question I resonate more with. I can’t answer for myself, I may not be able to answer it for you, but I’ll do my best to help you find it.

Well, to start, not everyone hates you. I’ve seen so many people on this forum reach out and help. But when you’re drowning in this self-loathing, I know it’s easy to miss, or outright ignore. You think, “Oh, they don’t really care.” Your mind comes up with some excuse to make you not believe others’ kind words, or just twists them to make those words seem empty or meaningless. But people care.

And as for your contributions? By posting on here, you’re actually helping others. What may feel to you as a desperate cry for help or just begging for attention can really make a positive impact on others. What you’re doing is hard for many people. It’s hard to just open up about your feelings, especially deeper, darker ones. But someone could be looking at your post, and think “If this person is brave enough to talk about their feelings, maybe I can too.” You may feel worthless, but you, like many others, act as a beacon of hope to people, myself included. All that, just by posting on here. And you have the potential for much more, too. It’s just that right now, you’re surrounded by people who are hurting you, who are holding you back. One day, you’ll be able to free yourself from those people. And you will continue to help others. Because your story of success will inspire others to create their own. And you’ll be free to live your life, find more people in your life who care, surround yourself with them, and although the thought seems ridiculous now, you’ll be happy.

You are so brave and strong. You just have to keep going. :heart:

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@echo This is one of those thing that legit makes it extremely hard in our own head to see that we are valuable. I have had that struggle myself and I am so sorry you are going through it. Something that someone reminded me of in the worst moments of my own life is the following. Do you have breath in your lungs. If so than you are worth every moment and every chance you can get. You are not rotting in your room. People do not hate you here. I have come to find that alot of times those who say they hate us it is only because they are jealous of something we have or can do. You are worth more than that treatment. People in our world are very evil and I am so sorry that people are hating on you. I do not know entirely why but just know this you will not get that here. We are a community that loves no matter what you are doing what you do.

There is actually a reason you are here. We cant always see that in the moment but it is important to know that what may seem to be awful can have a renowned effect on getting you to be who you are meant to be. I am so sorry it has been a struggle to see you value and love.

Hold fast

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