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Why am I like this?

I “met” this guy online, and he was super nice and for the first time, a man called me beautiful and was flirting with me and told me he actually really likes my curves and was super sweet.
He made me compliments and told me about all the things he’d do for and with me if we were dating. He told me he’d do anything to make me smile.
From the beginning I knew this won’t end in a serious relationship, but I enjoyed talking to him and he made me feel so good about myself.
No man before has ever told me such sweet things and that he thinks I’m beautiful and attractive and that he can’t stop thinking about me.
I debated with myself for a long time, whether or not I should keep messaging him or tell him the truth about us not having a future together.
I decided I owe him the truth.
Now he’s in between being mad at me and trying to convince me to give him another chance and let him “prove to me that he can make my bad days better and show me the pretty sides of life”. He said I can’t say anything that would scare him away, and that he likes me too much. He said I’m the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. But why does it feel so wrong and why can’t I like him back the way he likes me? I guess I’ll never find a man like him again.

I don’t know what to do.
I don’t want to break his heart and I don’t want to spend more time with him.
He makes me feel so good about myself, but that’s it, nothing more.
But now I don’t feel so good about myself anymore, now I’m back to hating myself, even more than before.

I don’t deserve love and I know I’m not worth it.
But am I making a mistake by pushing away the only man who would ever want to choose me,



You shouldn’t feel bad you told him about the truth. A lot of men don’t want to hear that. Including me. We (men) do what we can do get what we want. It is not worth it because it is not what we need. I don’t know him, but what I can say is he has growing to do. Do not hate yourself. Love yourself. Also, make sure you don’t want to be the one who send mixed signals. Stay true!


We all deserve love, you are worth it.


Well you definitely do deserve love. It’s hard telling someone that there isn’t a potential future with them so I’m sorry you had to deal with that pressure.
You’re value lies much deeper than compliments from anyone. You as a person have infinite worth and value. It’s hard to grasp or believe, I know that for myself even.
It’s also natural to feel great when you find someone who tells you that you’re beautiful and they love you. I hope you find your self worth and start to believe that about yourself. I also hope keep the conversation open about your journey!


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