Why am I so negative?

I always feel like people are just talking bad about me. I never feel like anyone has good intentions towards me. I just wanna live my life but I’m so worried about others peoples opinions. It gets so bad it cripples me. Please does anyone have any advice for me to feel better or deal with this?


So in speaking to a therapist about similar struggles I’ve had they recommend trying to get in the habit of looking at the situation and asking is it true? Like I feel this is going on but can prove for a fact what I feel is occurring. Most of the time I couldn’t so I had to remind myself my thoughts don’t necessarily equal reality to the situation.

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One of the hardest things we can come to accept is that people talk negatively about us. However, you have to live your life the way YOU want to. Living in fear of other peoples’ opinions about you is not healthy at all. I’ve been there! For so long I always felt that I need to impress others, to be a good person so that people would like me or so I could fit in, which involved me putting on a “false identity” in order to win other peoples’ affection towards me. The truth is that there we do not, and we should not, have to put on a show for anyone else in order to promote positivity for ourselves. Who you are is who you should be! It is more than likely that if someone says something bad about you, it isn’t true. They just want to cast judgement on a person that they don’t truly understand. Don’t live in fear of the negative because there is more positive that trumps the negative. You are a good person just being who you are, even in your faults (because we all have them). Have heart my friend, and live your life the way you truly want to and let the fear of others’ opinions fade by keeping focused on what you want to do.

Hey there friend
Hope you find this encouraging in some way. We love you and we’re right here with you.
Hold fast <3

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I know how you feel I use to be that way myself but I learned there are things I cannot change and I left it go