Why am i such a bad daughter

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I feel so bad for my parents. They deal with me. My bratty self. My annoying self. My spoilt self. You know they can really annoy me sometimes. They act like nothing has happened though. They don’t understand that I’m not feeling the best right now. I have no friends and I feel horrible everyday. They ask me how I am and I just ignore them. When i look back at them, They seem upset. After that i start to cry. I cry fo ages. I always wonder why I am like this. I hate it so much, All I want to be is a nice daughter. I really feel bad about myself. They have to put up with me. They must hate me. I’m sorry Mum and Dad. From L


Hi Lauren.

I don’t think that your parents hate you. Im sure that they love you very much. Even if they get frustrated with you when you act up, doesn’t mean that they hate you and don’t love you.

It’s pretty human to have struggles. But maybe you should try opening up to your parents and letting them help you. I know parents can be really annoying sometimes. Sometimes they can feel really intrusive. Other times they feel overly strict. And maybe sometimes its just really hard to know how to share with them about what you are feeling. Maybe this is because it’s super embarrassing, or maybe its just because you really don’t know what to say. Been there. I get that. Totally.

I don’t know what your reasons are. But try to remember that your parents raised you and love you. They provide for you. Do you think maybe that’s worth giving them a chance to try to be there for you? Now I don’t know your relationship with your parents. So it’s hard to fully know what to say.

But maybe it would be worth letting them in and perhaps seeing if they could get you into counseling? Having a therapist would allow you to have a safe place to confide in and talk about your feelings. To someone who could help offer you guidance in how to handle and process your emotions. And maybe even how to approach your parents.

The best way to help people best understand you and what you are going through is by communicating. Communicating can be difficult. But without it, things can be really messy.

I hope that you find strength and courage friend. And that you are able to find some resolve. Know that you have friends here. Support.

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Lauren1 : My wife and I have two daughters, one of whom used to DRIVE ME NUTS!!! Guess what? As she grew up (she is now 22 years old) she turned in to a VERY lovely, intelligent, caring, successful young lady. Being a kid is very hard, BUT you will grow up, both physically and emotionally I can assure you. Without even meeting you, I KNOW you are a good person, as a brat would not write what you have written. Life gets better every year for people your age, so please hang on, things DO get better every year than the last. God bless!!!

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Hi, my name Is Josetta… And I do feel like I’ve been a terrible daughter…

I feel like I am compared to my elder sister a lot, because she is in the U.S Navy & she’s so independent… And I- I’m just… The “Lazy” or “Bum” daughter… I feel like I don’t deserve what my parents do for me, and I should be more greatful or appriciative for everything that they do for me… They don’t want me to be like them, they want me to be… A better me… They see potential in me, when I don’t… My grades for this year are so messed up after how I’ve been for the past 3 years of High School. I think I might have to either do summer school or repeat my Senior year over again… And this COVID-19 panademic just made it worse for me… I’ve made some choices in my life that I shouldn’t have made. Stole my bestfriends boyfriend when I didn’t want to, ran away from home in junior year, called the cops on my stepdad, being disrespectful to both of my parents, and sent… “Unsafe” photos of myself when I was in my sophomore year… Please tell me what I should do to get my life back together… I need to make my parents happy again…

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I have the same problem as Lauren1, and that doesn’t sound too reassuring to me. I am not criticizing you for your support, but I would like to point out one thing: Some people do not want to grow up.

Have you changed from when you were young?
You should create another universe in your head, which you may have done before, and never abandon that universe.
You also should watch this video:
Guardian Wolf Meditation

Teenage life just isnt easy i think your parents just want the best from you and their not gonna stop caring about you just because of you not wanting to answer them. I do the same thing with my parents because i dont feel like talking to them alot too and they don’t really care

We all make mistakes im a senior rn and ive done alot worse than you and stuff i horribly regret you just gotta move on and try to make a positive impact the past doesn’t matter anymore.