Why are my family so persistent

My family really keeps being persistent that my disability can be fixed and that I can get better when they only perceive me to just have really bad depression and anxeity it feels so defeating like when I say I can’t get better I don’t mean that from a dark depressed pit my body literally feels like I can’t get better like my body is literally unable to function normally as a adult with a job


This is why you were approved for disability… because you can’t work.

For a long time after I was put on SSDI, I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t work. I had worked since I was 16yrs old up until I was 39. It felt not right and I would hear stories of people faking their disorders to get disability and I was afraid that people would think I was faking. Eventually, I accepted it and tried to figure out how to go forward because being pissed etc wasn’t working for me. My mother helped me create a daily routine at first and it eventually evolved into how I live my life now.

It’s not called Permanent Disability for nothing. Tell your family that it’s very hard to get Disability these days. They just don’t hand it out to everyone. You have to meet their strict criteria and I read that approx 70% of people who apply get denied. I got mine the first try, but some people have to really fight for it with lawyers in court.

So, don’t listen to them because they have no clue. It really sucks that they don’t support you, I’m really sorry that you have to deal with that crap.


Thanks I try not to let it affect me but hearing it day in and day out kinda wears the walls down

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I’m really sorry that you don’t have your family’s support like you need. Are there other options for support available to you?

I think I remember you from another post, but not the details. Have you been to a Dr. and/or therapist for a specific diagnosis so that you and your family can know the specifics you are dealing with, and can make a plan that’s best for you?

I was clueless when our daughter started excessive hand washing. I told her to stop washing her hands!!! It was only after a diagnosis of OCD that we could work out a plan that was helpful for us all. I hope a bit of her story will be an encouragement to you. She was unable to get out of her closet or off the couch without excessive fear for almost a year. Over time and with lots of care and counseling she been able to work various jobs, is now taking college classes, has developed a few long term friendships. She is now able to manage her symptoms instead of them managing her.

Keep advocating for yourself as best you can! Make the most of whatever potential you have at the moment. You’re life is worth every investment you can make into it.

You are always welcome to post here~