Why can't i?

why can i be pretty ? why can i have be talent… i just wish i wasn’t so ugly , fat and stupid … i wish this boy will love me for me but it’s hard trying to chase someone who shows no interest in you at all … do i have to be drop dead gorgeous to make him like me ? do i have to be skinny ? do i have to have a pretty nose … everybody thinks i’m this strong ass person when really i’m worthless , a disappointment , and a sad excuse of a person… i give everybody a shoulder to lean on when they are upset but i have nobody shoulder to lean on when i’m sad… i hate the fact that i can’t learn to love because i have my guards up because of my abusive mother … i hate the fact that i’m not pretty enough for this boy to like me . its not his fault its mine for thinking he would ever like me … i feel as though everybody is using me & i let them because i’m trying so hard for them to like me… maybe my mom is right maybe its time i focus on just school & not doing regular teenager things , not liking a boy or trying to make friends … I’M JUST A BROKEN PIECE OF RECORD:( i wish and i wish everything will go right for me but it never does ! maybe track is my only peace and escape from everybody & everything … i will never win in the end :(:broken_heart:


I’m one of those people who hard to make friends, I learned that I didn’t need to try so hard. Friendships happen naturally. So there’s still hope for you. Once people meet you, they’ll realize that you’re attractive because of who you really are, they won’t care if you’re ugly or not.


Hey friend,

Don’t be so hard on yourself okay? I think it’s normal for a lot of us to want to be better in some way so that we can feel like we are more loveable and likable. But, I just want to let you know that how you look does not define who you are. It is not what makes you. Your worth is not made or broken by your appearance or your weight.

And it’s normal and perfectly human for any of us to want companionship. I think we pretty much all crave that. To have someone that we can love and have love us back. And that’s okay. It doesn’t always happen right as we would hope unfortunately, and sometimes there are people that we may have feelings for that don’t feel the same way. That sucks. It truly does. Been there. A lot of times. But you know what? You are deserving of being loved. You are deserving of being cared for. Just because this one boy may not see you doesn’t mean that nobody else will. His lack of realization of what a great person you are, doesn’t mean that you aren’t great.

You are not worthless.
You are not a disappointment.
You are not a sad excuse of a person.

You even said yourself. You give people a shoulder to lean on. That makes you a very caring person. That shows that you care and love people. That you put others before yourself. And that is selfless. It is sad though that you feel like you don’t have someone to lean on as well. I’m very sorry for that friend.

Learning to love can be hard, especially when you have been hurt or rejected by others. But you deserve to be loved and to love. You deserve to be accepted for everything that makes you who you are and you deserve to be who you are, truly. Not what others want you to be.

You are pretty enough. Your appearances are not all that makes you a beautiful person. Your appearances are not all that is you. And if he can’t see that, then you deserve better. Never settle for someone who doesn’t love you for every part of you.

You aren’t broken. You are just hurting and thats okay.

I’m sorry you are hurting so much, friend. That there is so many things you are carrying deep in your heart. Do you think maybe it would be worth asking your mom if she could help you set up a counselor that you could talk to? That way you could have a safe place to talk to and confide in where there is no judgement. A place that could help guide you through your feelings? You should talk to your mom about this and see if this is maybe a possibility for you. <3

Stay strong sweet friend. You are precious in this world. You matter and we care.

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Well said. The thing I regret most about high school was that I only had eyes for the girls I was “supposed to” like, and I missed the ones around me who actually thought I was a good person and a good looking guy. What that did to me was make me think I was ugly and unlovable, and constantly disappointed me in love. It wasn’t until I was 19, got friend-zoned by a girl I had a huge crush on, and then had to rescue her from an embarrassing situation with another guy that I vowed never to harbor a crush again. A month later I started my first real relationship. It’s on them if they don’t see your value, or maybe if they don’t like you it wasn’t meant to be in the first place. If they don’t like you, move on and don’t waste more of your soul trying to get them to like you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re unlovable and ugly just because one guy doesn’t like you. Those insecurities still haunt me today.


Thank you so much for the kind words you have given me these pass months … yeah i’m a caring person ’ my mom really doesn’t like me so i don’t speak to her about any of this stuff because she will judge me and compare me to others … but thank you again :heart:


Thank you also for these kind words , maybe i am looking too deep instead of trying to like somebody who like me for me … this guy idk just gives me butterflies but i don’t think i’m ever going to be his type … thanks again for these kind words i wish nothing but blessing to you :heart: