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Why do I bother with life

I find it funny that when a person says they’re depressed or whatwhatever then the get help instead of instantly. So what I’m saying is that why won’t you help me right away.

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Hi friend,

Unfortunately, it can take sometime before you find the peace that you need through depression. I’ve been there. And there are days when I’m still battling against it like it is the first time. Wanting to regain the light that you need right now can be incredibly powerful to you in order to keep going on. But it can be really harmful if somehow we don’t accept that healing takes time.

Here we can try to support each other as much as possible. There’s no doctor or therapist or professionals but we can try altogether to share about our experiences, our different perspectives so we can grow altogether, step by step. This community is here to support you in your journey and remind you that you matter. Also to give a safe place where everyone can take some breaths when it’s needed. Life is exhausting sometimes, it can even be bothering as you said. But we’re all on the same boat here and we can try to do our best to help each other, right? :wink:

If you feel comfortable enough to share about what’s going on here, that would be great. It would help everyone here to understand more what you’re going through and see which solutions we could find altogether.

Also I’d like to encourage you to check on the HS resources that might be interesting to you:

I’m not 100% sure what you meant with your message so I’m sorry if this reply is a bit off-topic. Just know that you’re not alone right now and you can let things out of your chest here.

Hold fast. :heart:

That’s what fucked up about pain. It doesn’t ever truly go away. It will haunt you and remind you of itself forever. The truth is though, it will fade with time… There is always hope and peace to be found and had. You are an incredible person and depression cannot take that away from you. Continue to fight and I promise you will reach your goal.