Why do I feel like crying - rant?

my life is perfectly fine. my family is supportive, for the most part. my friends are caring. my s/o is literally all i could ask for. but sometimes at night i just lay down and think, i’m not happy. actually, maybe i am, and i just want something to be sad about. i like crying, because after i do, I feel better about myself. like i’ve let all the bad energy out. wow, i’ve just realized how therapeutic this writing stuff is. you should try it out…


This is completely normal. We all have stressors even if our life is “going well.” And sometimes they build up and we need some sort of release. Crying gives us an outlet. So it is ok!
I have also found this board extremely helpful. Writing things down and getting them out of my brain.
Thanks for sharing your experiences. Sometimes we all need to have a little rant.

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Crying is a great release. Plus it makes you sleep well and gets all that extra snot out of your head lol. Sometimes when I’m home alone, I’ll cry as hard as I can when I feel bad just to release the endorphins and the pressure on my emotions.

I love how this submission progressed, and I’m glad you feel better!
P.S. I also cry a lot too, sometimes for no reason at all, even though my life is pretty great. I recently got diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder by my doctor last week (I was worried I had depression but I was wrong). Anyway, that’s just an FYI in case you wanted to look into that! <3

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