Why do I feel like no one cares? and I'm not good enough for popularity?

At high school, I get teased a lot. People are so negative to me sometimes like I am annoying or something. I hate it how they always think I am not worth their time when I could be talking and laughing with them. I always smile at people and act kindest as I can to everyone. But, they think I am stupid and their reaction tells me otherwise. I have a ton of friends outside of high school, but I just wonder, why I only get limited friends in school??? It just made me sad. I went on a trip with my family and missed a week of school, I emailed my teachers so they knew. When I came back no one even cared or noticed I came back, and one of my classmates told me that no one cared and that I should have stayed longer away from school. I just feel like I don’t matter to anyone… and like I am a failure at everything…



I’m sorry you are dealing with those kids. You shouldn’t care what they say about you. Be proud of who you are. You will become a stronger person. Your high school years will become a thing in the past. You have friends outside of school, so that means they care about you. You are loved. Don’t stop being yourself for popularity. It’s not worth it. If you want to share more, this forum is open for you. I hope you will feel better. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you.

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Thank you for your response! I’ll take your advice and decide to be myself. Your comment really helps!!! Thank you @AVJR :blush: