Why do I get treated wrongly

My family makes me feel like I’m a servant to them. They always tell me to do this do that and it’s making feel like I’m their servant I’m mainly the only one who gets told to do stuff whenever there is other people around the house to do stuff I hate it so much it’s making me more scared to talk to people and me not being my best self.

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Friend, I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling like you’re just here to serve your family. Like you’re just good to receive orders without having the right to do what you want and be yourself. Especially when it seems that you’re not treated the same way as others at home. It sounds that there’s more expectations towards you, and by extension more pressure on your shoulders.

I hear your frustration. How you feel makes sense. And I don’t know how things are precisely in your family, but being aware that something in their behavior is affecting you can be the very first step for a positive change. We often underestimate the power of communication, and if it’s something you could try with your family, then maybe it could be worth it. It’s not always easy to share what’s in our heart. And people are not always willing to listen or understand, unfortunately. But sometimes sharing about how you feel, in a calm and respectful way, can help to create some positive changes.

In any case, you deserve to be treated with respect. And I’m sorry you’re feeling like it’s not what’s happening. In every family, the participation of everyone is required to make sure that the cohabitation works effectively and peacefully. But also sometimes adjustments has to be made. I really hope this could be solved with some discussions with your family. And if not, know that this community is here to support you through this. You’re not alone. You are loved. Hold fast. :hrtlegolove: