Why do people laugh at me?

I’m back here because I feel like I have been laughed by people in my class during the presentation, debates for no reasons and this have greatly affected me as a whole. I currently feel like I don’t belong with the people here, I feel really heartbroken.

I thought that changing class would solve this issue and that people in this class would be nicer, however, that’s not what I thought.

I have decided to come here and to share with people on this platform because I feel that I have given my friends too much burden like I have told them about such stuff before and that it’s all negative. I don’t want them to get affected by me.

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Don’t feel guilty of sharing your life with your friends. I’m sure they care about you. You can share when you want to. Don’t pay attention to the ones who are ridiculing you. They’re immature and insecure. I encourage to have thick skin. You are a strong person. I hope you will feel better. Thank you for reading this. God bless you.

Your friends are there to listen and support you! I think that talking to them will make you feel much better. Don’t lose who you are just because someone chooses to be hateful.

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Hey @Belle

We’re glad you’re here, but don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends too. You’re not a burden at all, honey, for anyone. :heart:

I’m sorry if others laughed at you during your presentation. It can already be stressful to do one, no need to have this kind of reaction. Try not to think about it too much, their actions don’t deserve you to worry or feel bad about it or about yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. And even if they decided to be hateful, their behaviour will never define who you are. You’re a wonderful and unique individual. So I just send much love your way right now. :heart:

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