Why do people look away?

Why is it that no one asks the straight A and honor students how they are doing, if they are struggling and if they need help?

How come no one sees that the “good” students struggling too?

I’ve been out of high school for 2 years, and I still can’t get over the fact that no one cared or even dared to ask if I’m okay.
In a school where they were actually behind students doing well and making sure they are okay, still no one cares about the ones who get (sort of) good grades.

I graduated honors roll, but no one understands that I barely made it to graduation.
I was high and drunk most of my high school career and did all sorts of things while everyone chose to look away.
Even when I got suspended from school, it was alright for everyone, because I always had sort of good grades and got enough of my work done to not fail all my classes.

Just because I was good at guessing on tests and doing enough work to be fine, everyone assumed I have to be doing great, at least not bad enough to be worried.

I’m sick of people choosing to look away.
I hate that “strong” people don’t get asked how they’re doing.
I’m done with everyone assuming I have no issues because I somehow managed to do okay on tasks and work.

I got labeled as the strange one, but the one who was smart.

I wasn’t smart, I did everything to destroy myself, and I hate that everyone chose to look away instead of helping me.

Hey friend.
I’m so sorry you feel this way. I hope you know that you are heard here. I hope you know that we love and respect you. We care about you and we are here for you.
If you feel like you aren’t listened to or feel like you aren’t asked how you’re doing, I wanna encourage you to keep posting on the support wall or join our Discord. Our Discord is a great way to get to know people, build friendships, and talk with others about how you’re feeling.
I’m sorry no one asks you how you’re doing. I’m sorry you feel frustrated, angry, lonely. I want you to know that I care. We care very deeply for you. I hope you find comfort in this community and feel loved. We’re here for you.
Stay strong

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Thank you.

@fiji How are you today?

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I’m not great.
I’ve been in the verge of having a panic attack for about 2 hours. Then I went to a restaurant with a bunch of people and more and more people joined our table, so I started to panic because it got super loud and uncomfortable for me again.
I feel very excluded and lonely.
My hear is hurting and I think they would be better off without me.
What’s the point in staying here if I’m just in the background. I’m just white noise.

What do you need right now to help you take a breath and pause?

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I don’t know.
I wish someone would be here with me and would actually see me.
I don’t think anyone actually knows I exist and have feelings too.
I just want to feel loved and somewhat appreciated.
I guess o ask for too much

not too much to ask just not easy to obtain. You have to put fourth lots of effort even when it seems like it isn’t helping, before you get it back. It’s a shitty thing but at least you have a better chance of realness when you work so hard

I’m trying.
But trying apparently isn’t enough.

How are you trying? what are you doing if you don’t mind my asking

I’m trying to reach out for help. I’m working on coping and healing methods. I’m distracting myself when I need it. I’m trying to have a healthy sleeping routine (which I’m not doing right now, should be sleeping for hours now). I’m talking about what’s going on and I try to do things that make me happy.

I know how you feel,
This is how I feel whenever I get home, whenever I’m done with marching band, when all I want to do is blow my brains out.
I hated that only when I did something extreme was when someone gave me attention.
My Mom, never has tried to really care, and my Dad constantly tells me he doesn’t care
I wish that I could sometimes just disappear, and forget my shitty existence.
I can only hope that either this site helps you ease that pain, or you can find people who out there who can help you out.

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I’m sorry you feel this way. You deserve so much better than that and I hope the community here helps you. I know everyone here is so loving and so kind.

I’m going to be alright, I always end up okay at some point somehow.
Thank you for your reply.
Hope you find something that makes you happy today! :v:t4:

I’m working on it, man, but its not easy when those knifes on the counter look mighty appealing.
Thank you for the positive thoughts, I don’t know if I deserve to be okay, but I’'m just going to keep on walking until I either fade away, or find what I need.
Thank you, I hope your pain has been lessened

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I do think you deserve to be okay, we all do.
I know the feeling of the knifes staring one down. I know the struggle.
You’re not alone.
Please, reach out if you need anything. You can always talk to me or others from the community.
You are loved and we care about you.
You are so important! No one else can be you, we need you, and we want you here.
Love, Fiji

You are wanted here and cared about. You don’t deserve what you went through and continue you to go through for reason people choose to see what they want to see and not what’s underneath like a duck they look calm and collected in the top but underneath their legs are going a hundred miles and hour. I hope things have improved for you. Keep up your hard work.

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