Why does crying calm my nerves?

Why does it feel so good after getting all my emotions out? Sure it makes me feel a lot less sad. But when I cry, I could kind of feel a heart ache.

Is there any tips on what I can do to help me feel relieved?


Crying is a response built into our DNA, and it really does release emotions. Yes your heart aches, but it’s not caused by crying. Crying releases emotions, but it does not take away the reason for crying in the first place. However, the relative calmness brought on by crying can help you think more clearly and better cope with the thing that led to crying.


Crying can be such a huge, huge relief when we feel overwhelmed, or when strong emotions have been building up. It’s a completely natural mechanism for our body to respond to distressing situations and sorrow. When you feel the need to cry and let it happen, you are really offering a kind gesture to yourself. Even if it is exhausting at the time as it consumes a lot of your energy, crying is a safe way to just let things out when you need it. It’s a healthy mechanism that contributes to reducing your stress when you need it the most.

Not everything we feel can be conveyed into words, or even thought about more rationally. If you are used to crying often, then please know that there is nothing wrong with you. It doesn’t make you defective, or weak, or a failure in any way. Yes, it’s tough because it means you are allowing yourself to feel what needs to be felt, and sometimes the emotions that need to come out are painful. Although the opposite would mean building things in and ending up emotionally burned out over time.

Maybe, something that could help is to try to develop some habits regarding what you do after you cry? Personally, I find that making sure that I take a real break, that I make myself comfy and/or soothe myself by doing things I enjoy really helps me. When I have a big cry, I try to be a friend to myself, and treat myself like I would with someone I care about. It’s not always comfortable! But it surely helps a bit with the aftermath of crying.

It takes a lot of strength to allow yourself to feel and to not try to push your emotions away. Our first reaction is generally to avoid feeling uncomfortable at any cost. If it feels too unbearable at times though, it may help to try to journal your emotions as well. When you write them down, when you put actual words on how you feel, you are using your mind and you are exploring your thoughts. It may help to not always end up crying, although if you do, that is also absolutely okay too. When you’re feeling on the verge of tears, there really isn’t wrong way to feel, as long as you make sure to cope in ways that are safe for you.

I hope you’ll make sure to keep being kind to yourself, especially during these times of high vulnerability. If you need to hug a pillow, watch a comforting movie or eat ice-cream, then so be it! :heart:

Its natural to cry and is healthy to natural emotions and helps relieve stress many people when I say cry and let it all out it just is calming its part of out DNA, crying releases emotions brings less stress I will tell you something last time I cried was yesterday and it helped me alot so it really does as the tears come off you feel less troubled and less stress!


Hi there @Katelynn,

It’s nice to see you on the forum again. Crying is actually one of the “best” natural ways to handle distressing emotions. If it’s working for you, keep it up – that’s wonderful. Any physical symptoms you have associated with crying are likely due to the initial distressing emotions rather than any tears, but drinking water may help if you notice that you start becoming dehydrated after crying.

If you want more tips and other coping mechanism options, you could look up ‘Mindfulness’ which has many coping strategies associated with it.

All that said, crying is healthy so keep doing it if it works for you! Wishing you all the best!

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