Why does life become so hard

I get fustrated over the smallest things and people start guilt tripping me over everything and making me feel like everything is my fault but I didn’t even do anything wrong I just wish someone would not make me fell like everything is my fault


ouch people can suck you know? now not everything is one person’s fault and it doesn’t even have to be your fault. the people who tell you these things could be going through their own shit whether personal or insecure. and personally i believe it takes more than one person to make something an issue, not necessarily you. if i got into an argument with someone and then took it out n you, that’s not your fault it’s mine and the person i got into an argument with. that doesn’t make it right, but it helps you understand other people’s point of view I guess? Lol sorry I’m not more help

Its a shame that people can be so toxic. But i want you to know that everything will never be your fault and i believe you should try distance yourself from this person (or people) because its not healthy for you to be around those who drag you down.

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People in really can be so stupid and inmature… And I am sad that you are feeling that way.

My advice to you is dont listen to those people, I dont know why they do those things but whatever the reason that it that their problem not yours. In this world there are so many people, amaizing people like you that are waiting for you to meet them and that will treat you like you deserve, because the people that make you feel frustated and that everything is your fault, dont deserve your time.

You know that in here we care about you, and if you have a problem or if you want to post about anything, we are here.

Take care❤ You are amaizing.

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Hi Blueeyes,

first I wanna say thank you for being courageous and stepping out and posting!! It can be extremely hard t be vulnerable enough to share your struggles with people, especially online, so I think that the fact that you reached out at all is very admirable, and commendable.

Second, I can say that you are not alone in feeling this way. I have the shortest fuse sometimes, and the smallest things can set me off completely. It’s devestating, because most times when this happens, it feels as though I can’t control my temper. My mind tells me to stop, to calm down, to step back, but my emotions take charge, and before I know it, I’ve exploded. It’s frustrating, because you feel helpless over your own feelings, and that definitely leads to the overwhelming feeling of guilt- but please know that it is NOT your fault; and the people who are making you feel as though situations or circumstances are your responsibility are not doing you any favors by laying on the shame thicker than you’re already doing yourself.

I want to ask a few questions, if that’s ok, just so I can try to understand the situations a bit better. When you say everyone makes you feel as though everything is your fault, who are you speaking of in particular?? Parents? Friends? And have you tried explaining to them that the words or behaviors they speak or display to you comes off that way, that they’re hurting you??

I want you to know that things will get better, and you are not alone in this.


Its mainly everyone they make me feel like I’m the only one doing the wrong thing and making me feel bad and I get put the blame on mainly EVERYTHING that happens in my home. And I have talked to them about it we actually had a family meeting about it and then that did help at all and I’m still in school and they’re saying that it’s not good enough for them and stuff like that. I just feel like they want me to act like my sister, get good grades, do sports, after school activities and other things they just make me sooo frustrated and stuff and. I just wish they would treat me like myself and now compare me to my sister all the damn time

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