Why does my autism make me feel like I want to die

Hi there
A few years ago, I got diagnosed with autism and ever since then I have wanted to die but I don’t know why. Please help me. I’m so scared


I have autism too.

Austism is hard to deal with, unfortunately a lot people don’t want to understand autism and people have suffer from it. There days I wish could just end it and not suffer. Do know there people that are open mind and care for people with disabilities. You can still live worth living with autism. Also don’t give up on yourself, hold strong man.


Thank you for the motivation

Hey @DuckSquadOfficial,

Thank you so much for being here. It takes a lot of strength to share your heart as you did. Welcome in the community. :heart:

I got diagnosed with autism and ever since then I have wanted to die but I don’t know why.

Maybe to understand why, it would be interesting for you to ask yourself what does autism represents for you? Before your diagnosis, what did you know about autism and how was your perception of it? Sometimes diagnoses can be scary at first and feel like a shock. And if we think that what we were diagnosed for is bad somehow or shameful, then we can feel a wave of despair. But I can assure you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Autism is something you’ll learn to live with, you’ll learn to know yourself more and more as well. But you are still you! Same heart, same spirit, same personality as before your diagnosis. The only thing is that, now, you’ll probably start to feel like you’re assembling a puzzle, piece by piece. In the long run, it will help you navigate in this wild world that is ours.

You’re beautiful as you are! Don’t forget it.

We’re proud of you for getting diagnosed. This is a first step, friend. You’ll be okay. :hrtlegolove:

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