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Why I Am Alone & Celibate


I am 35 years old going on 36 in three months, people tell me why am I still single? Its been 4 years already your ex fiancee moved on, your stalker moved on and the other people that harmed me or betrayed me are out of your life, you should date and fool around or do something because your wasting your life and your on the fence. My response to them is I don’t want a woman that is a gold digger, an opportunist or a user that only wants me for what I can give.

I am not a wealthy man I am a simply tutor, I don’t own a home I just have a simple one bedroom apartment and my 2009 Hyundai Elentra, I have a lot of expenses I live paycheck to paycheck I don’t have much at the end of the month. Women want men to buy them things, treat them to dinner all time and they won’t even give you a time of day if you don’t meet their expectations or standards. I have seen too many women in my opinion are just whores and users and the just take, take ad take and don’t anything back in return, if they find someone else that can give them something better they will leave you at the drop of a hat, they don’t have any attachment to you.

When my ex left me 4 years I was alone, crying, suffering no woman bothered or even gave a damn to comfort me or be there for me not one woman cared to call me or even give me a word of encouragement because they are only out for themselves. Its easier for a woman to get into a relationship right away then it is for a man. I don’t want to be hurt or disappointment or be let down that is why I stay alone I tell people because I don’t have time for other women’s drama and BS, mentally and emotionally I can’t deal with it I just can’t. People have told me I am a handsome man and a pretty man I don’t feel or see myself like that anymore.

For anyone wondering what I look like this is me.


I’m sorry that you have been so hurt in the past by women. I think that every one heals in their own way at their own pace. So if you feel you aren’t ready to date or be in a relationship that is okay. As long as you are taking care of yourself and actively seeking healing for what you experienced in the past. Know that you are more than what has been done to you. Be gentle with yourself and know that your worth is not defined by the material things you have or whether or not you are in a relationship. You matter and are loved simply because you are you!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


I can see why you are frustrated with women. Sounds like you’ve had some rough history. Though both men and women struggle alike with these issues. Both a man and a woman is capable of being hurtful, or want someone for the wrong reasons. We all struggle with this.

I know in my life I have struggled with men only wanting one thing from me and nothing more. So you are certainly not alone. But that doesn’t mean that all men and women are like this. It can be challenging finding the right person that fits and compliments us.

Like, Hannah said, we all heal in our own way and at our own pace. You don’t need to fool around or seek out a relationship if you are not ready. Do the things that you love and enjoy. That matters more than anything. Doing the things that make you happy.

We can’t rely on others to find our happiness. We must first try to seek that out ourselves and then share it with someone else when the come along (:

I’m sorry that you were hurt by so many people that you cared for. That is always hard. But don’t let it stop you from being close to other people. Male and female alike. Not everyone is like those people. It just takes time to find the right people.

You are important and valued, despite the way these hurtful people may have left you feeling. You deserve love and someone who loves you for you and not just for what you do or don’t have.

Hold Fast my friend

  • Kitty


Thanks so much for sharing that man. I am nearly 22 and personally have never been in a relationship with a girl (even though I’ve definitely tried before), but overall I have found that I am content. I’ve still been wanting to find the right person and have hoped it’s soon, but for now it’s been great just getting to know God better which has given me much more peace about it all. Even if I never end up with anyone I know I’ll be good because I have him.

I would say for you, even if you’ve never considered yourself to be “religious” I would just ask Jesus to show him how much he cares about you. He was also left alone by people when he was dying, but he died gladly because he knew he would get the opportunity to know you. He’s our ultimate Friend, and the source of all genuine love. He died so that you could be healed from the wounds you’ve been describing.

So yeah as another guy I know it can be tough, especially since I’ve had things not work out, even if it was not to the same scale as what you went through. But either way, when we receive the love of God, we experience healing from the wounds of our past. And then with the love he gave us we are able to love others. I think a big reason that so many women move from relationship to relationship is that they’re looking for God’s love in the wrong places, and in many cases wrongly equate money with love. A lot of guys out there also use them for sex, which gives them the impression that their worth is tied to their ability to give men satisfaction.

But I see in you that you care about character and that you know there’s more to life than possessions and appearances, based on what you said. With God’s help I think we as men can show girls that they are all valuable, being of infinite worth in God’s eyes.

I’ll definitely pray for complete healing, and like I said, don’t be afraid to ask God for help even if you’ve never prayed before. You can just vent the struggles to him (which I often do), and he always listens. He loves hearing your voice, and if there’s anything I’ve learned in life it’s this: he answers.


Thank You again for your kind words they have been very uplifting.


I am doing exactly that, I am building myself up and I’m writing books and hoping to do my own internet radio show soon. I am for public speaking and for the radio its always been a passion of mine it keeps my mind busy and away from my problems. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement.


Thank You Johnathan for your comment. My advice to you as an older man is that your still young, focus on going to school and getting an education because a degree is very important and it will open doors for you. I thank you for your prayer of healing for me I truly appreciate it.