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Why I don’t like dating world part two

My friend message me yesterday about this girl that he was talking to on a dating app. To keep to the point, he told her that he was janitor and then she just let the group message. This could that I reading to much into that message. But feel that men had deal having a big time job, so that world could be impressed. Not saying that all women think like this abs thier women struggle with same issue. What notice there some people judge for having a minimum wage job or basic job. That you did not try hard enough or you just stupid or worthless. It put unfair pressure for people in my general to find even a stable job. Not mention Covid, 2008 economic crisis and college and high rate. Like what the fuck to except from people, also not everyone can a bill gates or business success. In someway people get lucky and have a good life, while other get screw by the system abs life in general.

Not saying finding a guy or girl with high goals is a bad thing. Obviously should not date a lazy that does want to try. On the other hand, it not fair to judge by that bullshit. Life is hard enough on people and might missing out by a good guy or girl because it.

At least try to go one date in person to see if person right for you.


Hey friend,

Though I’m not into dating because I’m lucky to be in a relationship, I agree wholeheartedly with you with the stigmas that surround jobs in general. It’s heartbreaking somehow to see how much everyone is judged through the lens of their work, or even more their employment status. And when it’s not the job, it’s the physical appearance that puts a lot of unecessary pressure on the shoulders of both men and women, in different ways. Kinda sad, indeed. Let’s just dare to replace judgment with curiosity, even at our own, small scale.


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