Why I think the dating world suck!

Im never been good with women, only kinda had one relationship in my life that lasted six month and shitty part I did not love her. So long story short, I’m shitty a person, that dose not how to date and I never had sex.

In a lot way men and women put a lot of high standards who people with disabilities can never reach. Dating app is pretty much bullshit to people you greast thing on god earth and making yourself into a product. It all fake, never is ever good enough and if you don’t say the perfect words, you not worth it. If you not a doctor, live at home with your parents, if your a virgin, and work at as avensgr joe, are your worth nothing. If you don’t have the perfect body, forget it.

We and myself incuded feeds into this toxic mindset of dating and it got to point we just better off dating alone. It not even fun, it depressing and self sabotage.

There days were I can feel good about being single, doing my own thing and not paying for anyone. However, I would to have female partners to travel the world, share a bed and live life with. The loneliness get to point where it put dark place of hatred and bitterness. I judge people and resent them. It feel like I don’t belong and meant to die alone. Logically should be happy that I have my independence and people tell me don’t be sad about, things could get worst. But the feeling is still at night when I’m alone in my room at my parents house and only a blanket to lay next to. I should try to date more, but I hate rejection and people tell not to bother. In some way I don’t know what to do.


Hey there Metalskater,

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. I totally understand the pressures others (and ourselves) can put on us to be a certain way when it comes to dating.

The thing with apps is that it’s a very scattershot approach. You throw yourself out there in the hopes of getting a connection, and if you look at the stats, there are VERY FEW matches that EVER end in anything useful. It’s really a game of putting yourself out there as much as possible, and hoping for the chance of finding something that you click with.

The way I tend to think about it though, is that yes, others might have high expectations. But would you EVER want to be in a relationship with someone if their expectations were so high as to be impossible for you to meet? Probably not.

I’ve always felt that it’s best to pursue your own desires, and find your own success in life, regardless of others. I can recognize wanting someone to share that life with, but the more you focus on yourself, the more you can improve yourself!

My recommendation for finding new people is just to expand your network. Meet people that have the same interest as you! If you like cars, join a bunch of communities of people who like cars! Make as many new friends as you can! Not only will you find more people to share your life with, you might find someone special who shares a common interest!

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