Why is it so hard to find support.. or companionship..?

I’m so doomed to die alone in this life…

Hi love, My name is Dani and I just wanted to stop by to tell you that you 100% are not alone, you are not doomed. I know especially in the world we are living in now that can be so very hard to believe but its true. You are not alone. I struggle with this feeling all of the time even when I’m around people I love and that I know love me. Your mind plays these tricks on you. Sometimes our anxieties and depression beat us down so much and try to make us believe things that aren’t true. Its our jobs to try our best to fight back against those things.

When my brain is lying to me I try to use facts that I know about the situation to fight those unwanted thoughts. So here are some facts for you.

You are here on the support wall. A place full of people just like you, just like me, waiting to show you love, support and understanding. Here, you are never alone.

You brought yourself here. You had these voices telling you that you were alone and you reached out. You are strong.

You yearn for companionship, you seek that connection that we all do because we are human and thats what we need. Because you seek this it means you love, you feel. Anyone who is strong, and feels and has the capacity for love will never be doomed to be alone.

You got this, things may feel so lonely right now but they won’t always feel that way. Keep your head up. Keep reaching out. Keep seeking that connection no matter what kind it may be. Keep being strong. Keep coming back, keep sharing and i promise you will always be meet with support, love and understanding <3


Thanks so much for your empowering and understanding words. <3

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This is awesome :smile: I am encouraged too. Thanks Dani


Today isn’t easy finding a companionship like it was 40 years ago. In order to be compatible we have to have common interests and get along with each other. But in time we usually find our better half

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You are very welcome, you too @LoneVoice <3

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