Why keep going?

Me again. no need to replie tho.

why do i keep doing this too myself? like whats the point? i want to be released. i cant carry this anymore.

i ruined my mind and my body. i brought me in danger and have now the consequences from it. im so stupid. maybe i deserve to suffer.

my head is killing me and those thoughts wont get quiet like always

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There is reason to keep going.
You have siblings that need you. You need to push through it so they will be safe in the end.
If you are there to protect your siblings no matter what, someday you might be happy again. I know that it is too terrible that you would have to struggle any longer, but if you were gone, what of your younger siblings?
I read about what you said, and you don’t deserve to suffer. You’re honorable.

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Also, it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of the abusive family members.
And it’s their fault for blaming you!
There is reason to keep going! Because if you stand up for the people you love, against the people who harrass you, even if you are not victorious, it is still good cause!

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If you keep going you have a greater chance of surviving and making things better, even though some things were messed up permanentely. You weren’t the one who caused any of those permanent damage, it was your abusive narccissistic parents.

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thank you.
but i did a lot of damage to myself.
i just wish i could see waht everyone else sees ig- my brothers are one reason but my mum ruined that reason too

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