Why me though?

Hello, my name is Christian. I am 16 years old and recently moved to the US. Due to my migratory status, I am a little bit restrained to work or do certain activities (I legally live here for those wondering). My mom misses her family on my home country a lot, and she sometimes gets sad. Her brother recently died in a car crash and devastated her. After this we recovered, but today, I got some messages on my dad’s business account (I help him so I have his account). This messages were from a woman insinuating things with my dad. My dad played along but it didn’t get to an obscene level. I accidentally read the messages on hangouts and immediately was devastated, but didn’t surprised me as I had my concerns before. I confronted my dad and we began to cry, but I insisted that he must tell my mom.

He told my mom and she was speechless, reading through the messages, then she told me to get out. I love them both, and I can’t deal with more problems in my life. I am the new kid to my school so I don’t have friends. I get worried about our economical situation all the time and I also have to worry about school. I really can’t hold myself together, and what worries me the most is my mom. I only want us to be happy and succeed, but it just can’t seem to happen. I don’t know what am I going to do if my parents get a divorce or something, I don’t even want to imagine it. I also have to sisters to worry about their wellbeing. I feel I have a “man of the house” role, but I just can’t keep up to it. If you have any advice, please help me. Thanks


I hope they don’t part ways. I couldn’t stand it. My mom reassured me by saying they wouldn’t, but I feel like I did something wrong.