Why? [Song Lyrics]

Is this good? I really tried pouring all my feelings into this…

Verse 1:

I trust him with all my life

And what did that do?

I trust him with all my life

And now I’m a fool

Verse 2:

He makes me feel cared about

And he makes me feel loved

He makes me happily shout

I love him, my broth-er


So why

Tell me why

All the things I hate

He became

So why

Tell me why

When he does this things

I forgive him

Verse 3:

A cheater, a cheater

He laid it on her

Her best friend, how cliche

And it made my heart burn

Verse 4:

He made a mistake

First, believe the victim

In jail, he lays

Depressive symptoms


A cheater, he is

He made it sure

Begged for her to come with them

And to move with them, er

How anyone didn’t know

That is beyond me

But a cheater, he is

And the poor girl

Who suffered at his hands

He spends the night in a cell

And cries are heard


So why

Tell me why

The things that I hate

He was messed up enough to be them

So why

Tell me why

When he does these things

I still love him


Now that you have your feelings expressed, give it a few days, and look at the lyrics again. This kind of thing usually takes several rewrites, to make it represent your heart in a way that you can share it.

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Hey @Pumpkin-Panda,

Thank you so much for sharing those lyrics with us here.

We can feel a lot of different emotions and vulnerability through your words. I hope it allows you, above all, to process those emotions at your own pace. Again, thank you for sharing. There’s something special about connecting with one another through creativity. You just did it brilliantly. :hrtlegolove:


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