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Why was I ever made on this earth

Why am I here? I’m not bipolar but some days I feel so melancholy I question why I’m here? I message someone to talk about it and I get left on read but I’m always there for other people when they have issues. I act so happy around people I’m know as the headstrong bold one at school but I’m not sure how much longer this fake smile is going to last until it crumbles. My mom is an alcoholic and always is either passive aggressive or ignores me. My dad is never around but when he is my mom screams about how she wants a divorce but is “staying together for the family” I wonder if they do break up and I have to choose would I choose my mom for finical support or my dad for emotions and life stuff. Sorry for wasting ur time reading that


hey, i am so sorry to hear about your family situation but you are made to make a difference on this world. all the people that you’ve helped or listened and sat with while they went through something they don’t know it but they couldn’t even describe how grateful they are for you. don’t stress your self out about somethings that haven’t even happened yet- everything with your parents i’m so sorry about but you are so so brave and strong you can get through this just like you have been. I hope you know how loved and treasured you are God has an amazing plan for you

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Dear @yeetyeet,

My name is Maplesead and I wanted to make something for you as a reminder that your loved and that you matter! I saw your topic on the HeartSupport wall and I can totally relate to that. I also put a fake smile on my face, so that other people can’t see what I feel. But I learned that sometimes you need to put that mask of and tell people how you really feel, like you did now here! It’s fine to be emotional and not be the bold strong person on school. I have the same on school and I try slowly to tell and show the teachers that I don’t feel mentally good. Your not alone, never!

Let me introduce you to the villager of Animal Crossing that I drew. Her name is Ketchup and she is an incessantly friendly and excitable character. She really wanted to show her emotions but is afraid to do, because of other people their opinion. But one day she tried to one of the villagers she trust and saw that I helped and worked. She is a cutiepie and love, like you!

YeetYeet, please remember that Ketchup is as sweet as you and she want to take care of you. She can’t live her wonderfull live without your love and smile. Hold fast, you matter!

Lovely greetings,


Hi friend,

Sorry you are having such a hard time right now. My mother was and is also an alcoholic. She was very aggressive and I was raised in a very abusive home. So I can relate to the hardships that comes with. My dad was around for a while till they divorced and then I was raised the rest of my childhood with him not around.

Its tough, I know. Its never easy dealing with aggressive parents, alcoholism and a negative environment. Is it possible at all to see if maybe they’d be willing to help you set up a therapist that you could talk to? I know sometimes that is not always available to everyone. But if it is possible, it would be a great way for you to be able to have a safe place for you to talk to and find guidance through what you are experiencing. Or maybe even a school counselor could help offer you some resources?

If that isn’t a thing that can happen, heart support has some resources that you could use which can be found here:

I hope that things get better for you sweet friend. Stay strong. And know that you are always welcome here if you need a space to talk about what is going on.

Sending you love

  • Kitty

Hi yeetyeet,
Thanks for posting what you did, I’m 46 and in the situation your parent are in, it’s why I came here looking for answers or just not to feel alone. Well this was a refreshing topic for me. You know I never really thought about what my kids are going through. I apologize for them as an inconsiderate adult. I want you to know that they’re so far in themselves that they’re not seeing the whole picture and think since you have school and friends that you’re fine and dandy. They(I) tend to overlook how affect you are while trying to grow and become an independent and sane adult yourself. I really wish my kids would talk to me because maybe they feel the same way you do and can’t find a way to tell me.
I’m really so sorry for going through this but please know that they really do love you and they’re going through a lot.
I hope to hear more of your situation, maybe we can share and help each other.
Take care