Why. . .?

why do i feel so unlovable when in fact i do have people that love me. i feel like they shouldn’t nd i dont deserve it or sometimes i feel like im not loved at all by my parents i just dont know what to beleive. some days i feel loved. others i feel so alone.


Hey there!

As human beings, we sometimes tend to be unfair to ourselves. Sometimes we feel like we just don’t deserve something when in reality we do deserve them.

I know what you’re going throught and it is something that is really hard to deal with, you’re not alone in that situation.

But you need to know that the people that give you love care about you, even if they don’t demonstrate it all the time. You deserve all the love that is given to you, and now you just need to give the same love to yourself.

You have so much potential, so many qualities that you should aknowledge about you,
You may be loved by everyone on this earth but you’re still going to be sad if you don’t love yourself.

You deserve being loved, and now you just need to accept that love and love yourself too.

  • You can do it!

It is really easy to believe you are unloved and unlovable when you don’t love yourself, and that’s something a lot of us deal with. First off, know that the idea that no one loves you is false. Knowing that may not make it feel better, but knowing that it’s just an illusion can help keep you grounded and reach out to your friends and family when you need it most. After that, figure out how to love yourself. It’s hard, and every person who’s done it has approached it differently, but you can start by bouncing ideas around on here with people who are starting their journey and people who have come around to loving themselves.

I for my part started loving myself in 2015 after a series of events that I can only attribute to God because they just aligned too perfectly. In short, I got a huge career boost that my resume didn’t qualify me for, I bought a house, and I started getting my feet under me. That was just the start, and I had to do a lot more work on believing I was worthy of all the good things in my life and that the bad ideas I had about myself were just fabrications and weren’t true, but I eventually got there.

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