Will I ever be good enough

So I held out hope that yesterday would be a better day for me. It started off fine until my friend who’s broke (as am I) said a real friend looks out for someone when they’re struggling. I take this as him attempting to manipulate me into buying him lunch which I simply could not afford. Then someone I consider a sister to me and one of my closest and best friends was supposed to meet me for dinner. Not only did I get ghosted, but I haven’t heard back from her in a day about what happened. Every girl I’ve dated has either used me for sex, or to get back at an ex. I just wish I was good enough for someone at least 1 out of 100 times. I feel like even posting here is a burden on people to have to put up with me being a sad boy in his feelings. I’m just sick of feeling like a burden to everyone and anyone around me. Even music that I love doesn’t hit me because the people I enjoyed it with make me feel like I’m a burden to be around.



You are not a burden. Sharing of what you are dealing is helping this community to be compassionate. I admit, I am a complainer. I complain about everything instead of being grateful. Back to you. I’m sorry that you have been used by those selfish women. You don’t deserve it. Some people don’t know how to cope with their own pain in a healthy way. I encourage you to love yourself. You don’t have to try hard to impress no one. Celebrate your uniqueness. You are good enough. You are loved.

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@Bcrit Here is the video response from our live stream today. Hold Fast


posting here isn’t a burden, posting here is asking for help. You’re not a burden to be around. And by the way you are good enough and you will be good enough. No matter what we will always be here. You are so loved . Hold Fast