Will It Ever Even Out? pt 3 TW: health problems

Hi everyone. Im so sorry for going on such a long, 3-part rant. In this part im gonna discuss things that havent been done to me by someone else.

I have a rare disease called dysautonomia. It damages the nerves that regulate your immune system. This leads to weight loss, vomiting, passing out, low heart rate, intense temperature changes, etc. I feel like Im no longer in control of my body.

The past six months has been my newest down. I am getting horrible stomach aches which paralyze me (temporarily ofc) every time i get one, and i can almost never keep food down. Doctors cant figure out whats wrong. They never can. Im just so done with it at this point and just want to feel better.


Jesus man that sound brutal man. I’m sorry you are going through man. Hope it even out too. Is this been like whole life or just recently?

Again sorry for your trouble.

My whole life. It really sucks


Hi RedRain, I hope you are living in a safe place now and I’m glad you are not with your dad anymore. Are there adults in your life you trust that you can confide in to help? I’m so sorry that your life has been filled with these horrible things and that you suffer from dysautonomia. I really hope that the therapy you are in helps you and you find peace. ~Mystrose


From: twixremix

hey redrain,

thank you so much for being here on this forum and for your vulnerability in these past 3 posts. do you have any caretaker or trusted adult to lean on? with what you shared, you have gone through so many hardships, overcame so many obstacles (like moving away from your dad, so proud of you for that one), and are struggling to this day. i wish i could take any of these burdens off your shoulder and onto mine, my friend. my heart breaks for the trauma you’ve experienced but i’m so thankful you are here today. hope will always be on the horizon whether it be you find people that you trust to be surrounded by, you pursue new hobbies to vent any frustrations towards or to use as escapes, or that a treatment is introduced to you that can help with the symptoms you face with your dysautonomia. it’s frustrating when doctors can’t seem to find any answers for things that quite frankly make life hell. but through the pain, i hope you can find light. light can be found in the small things, in the nice people around us, and within ourselves.

the best things we can do for ourselves in times of difficulty is to keep moving forward and to take extra care of ourselves, listening to our bodies when we need to rest, decompress, or need to cry. i hope i can hear from you again real soon, redrain. i care for you and need you to know that your heartsupport community is here for you - you are loved and valued here and we’ll get through anything together.



From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi RedRain, Thank you so much for your Posts, I want to start by telling you that you are one of the amazing and strongest young people I have ever seen on here and then I want to apologise on behalf of everyone who has every mistreated you because none of what has happened to you should have happened, it is all totally wrong and you have been treated appallingly and I hope that you know that not one single part of any of it was your fault. Please never apologies for posting here you can post as often as you like, we are always here to listen if you have something you want to say or you want some help with, you are not alone I promise you. You mention your father in your posts but not your Mum? Is she there supporting you? Do you have adults that help you when you need it? On reading your posts I can completely understand why you ask about things evening out, it does seem like you have had a very bad ride in your life, the level has not been in your favour and its time that changed, I see you are in therapy, and I am thankful for that. Please lean on those people, they are there to be your support and use them for that, never be too shy to ask for help. You deserve to be happy. Please stay around here too for as long as you like. You are loved, supported, and valued. We really do genuinely care for you. Much Love Lisa. x



You are one of the nicest people i’ve ever talked to. Your kind words are so encouraging. Sadly, there is no cure or any specific treatment for dysautonomia, just a high sodium and water diet. It really is a struggle. If you ever need anything i’m here tho

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Thank you so much. I do not talk about mom mom on these posts, but i was about to post one about her. It’s just me and her right now, and while she supports me, she’s constantly mad about everything. You’re the only one who has given me home about things evening out, and i can’t thank you enough. It helps so much just for someone to believe in the better.

If you ever need anything i’m here.

Rain x