Will It Ever Even Out?

Hey everyone, I just joined. Throughout my entire life, it seems that everything good that happens is outweighed by something bad that happens immediately afterwards, and most of the bad is quite frankly traumatic. I’m not going to go into details because I really don’t want to trigger anyone, but I’ve dealt with some pretty horrible things in my life, and I’m still in my early to mid-teens. Something good happened, but I’ve been paying the price of bad for a long time and will forever because it affected my health. Ive found that another good thing could happen, but im afraid to even accept it because of the fear of what could happen next. Will it ever even out? Could this be it? If you have more questions id be happy to answer the. I just needed to rant and get advice


I’m sorry you’ve suffered so much at an early age. That’s my story as well. The answer is, no, things don’t even out. Life is a series of ups and downs, but usually, greater emphasis can be placed on the ups, if one so chooses. Without ups and downs, life would be pretty boring. If it was nothing but ups, there’s this thing called “hedonistic adaptation,” in which, no matter how high the ups become, they no longer bring pleasure. That’s why so many of the rich and famous feel unfulfilled, which for many of them leads to drug abuse or other problems.

With that said, what you describe is more severe than the standard ups and downs one should expect to experience. Maybe you should talk to someone who can help you come to terms with such bad experiences. I’ve been able to live a decent life, despite very rough beginnings. I’m not always elated, or jumping up and down happy, but I am usually content and at peace.

Despite all that’s happened to you, it’s still possible to find things to enjoy, and people who’ll love you. Really pay attention to and appreciate the good moments. That will sustain you during the difficult times.


From: white_rose_lt (Twitch)

we are here for you, and always we will be with you. myianpride


Hey RedRain,

Megs_26 responded to your post today live on stream with some words of encouragement and support!

Here is the video so you can watch her reply anytime you need to


Thank you so much, this brought tears to my eyes


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