WIP Stolen and People Making Triggering Videos About Me. Please Report

Please report these people https://youtube.com/channel/UCZDhrvxSlb_0X51KSNPSfOw
They made videos about me and the last one made a video about me that triggered my medical condition.
Oh, also this person: https://youtube.com/channel/UC09XRGrFpen1yJ1_QB56Gkw
They stole a bunch of people’s videos and animations, and just stole my most recent WIP last night. They say they’re 65 years old but they and their troll friends act like they’re 9 year olds on drugs.

Don’t comment on their stuff. Don’t interact with them. Just report their channels. I got my WIP stolen after I commented on of the thief’s videos for the first time.
I already filed a copyright claim on the stolen WIP.

When I watched the Lumpy person’s video about me, my medical condition was triggered enough to where I can still envision the scene in my mind and at that time my chest felt icky. I have already blocked the people and spam reported some of them. The thief already stole a bunch of people’s hard work and it hurts especially that they stole a WIP of mine that I’ve been working so hard on.
I know they’re trolls and shouldn’t even worry about it, but when they steal my friend’s videos and my own videos, I take it seriously and will do everything in my power to terminate them.


Will do, hate people who steal people’s work


On a positive note, their stupidity is helping me. I just reached 691 subs because of them.

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Also hopefully schooled one of the trolls when they said that they were smarter than me. I replied with code I actually wrote for class (the code works) and edited the text to direct it to the troll. Never tell someone they’re stupid when you don’t know what they learned or are learning because I think I shut 'em up. They haven’t responded for at least half an hour :laughing:

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First and foremost, I’m sorry your WIP was stolen. Im glad you’re taking steps to get them reported though.

At the same time, these kinds of people will always be on the internet, its the nature of the beast. YouTube especially has a community that is pretty toxic (there are exceptions obviously). To say you need a thick skin to thrive on any kind of media site/forum is kind of an understatement.

There’s a saying on the internet - Don’t feed the trolls.

I understand getting upset when you’re work is stolen, that is something I would probably consider righteous anger. Its all to easy to fall to a person’s level though. Be careful not to lose yourself. This tirade of hate might make you feel better now, but it will likely cause things to get worse.

I don’t know to what extent you are using your page for projects and whatnot. Once you post something anywhere online, anyone can see it and do what they want with it. No, its not right, but its something to remember.

That and there will always be trolls on the internet. Odds are the more time you spend online, the more you will come across them and its usually best to report them and be on your way rather than engage with them. I have seen lots of YouTubers with millions of subs talk about the hate they received and sometimes continue to receive over the years. That will never go away.


These people are definitely in the wrong for stealing your WIP and do deserve to be reported and I think your anger is justified, but we should never stoop to the level of those causes harm because then we risk turning into the very thing we are trying to fight. Being a presence on the internet opens you up to things like this, so it probably shouldn’t surprise you.

We as people should approach all things from a place of love and dignity, not hate.

Good luck with your YouTube venture.


Thanks. Luckily, I just checked the thief’s channel and I can’t find it. I at least got rid of one of the trolls. The other trolls lost their boss. Ik they won’t see the kind of power I can hit them with but I can at least spam report them.

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