Wish I could stop feeling

From virginia3: my emotions are eating me alive

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From virginia3: it’s probably not worth it to keep living

Hey Virginia,

Welcome in. :heart: I’m so very sorry that life has been particularly heavy lately. I hear how emotions can be just too much at times, especially if it’s all about pain and hurt. There are days when I definitely wish I could stop feeling as well – just having the possibility to keep on moving without having to feel the hurt inside. It’s hard to compose with the complexity of just being human sometimes.

Would you like to share about what’s been making you feel that way? Are there circumstances in your life lately that are causing this despair in you? Or maybe you have been feeling that way for a long time now?

Know that this is a safe space to share what’s on your heart or parts of your story. You are not alone, friend.

From virginia3: yeah=====================

From virginia3: i’ve been abused and hurt all my life

From virginia3: and i probably will be for the rest

From virginia3: i’m always used and thrown away

From virginia3: no one treats me like a human

From virginia3: i hate every aspect of myself

From yur_local_trash_ball: I know how you feel girly pop

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