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Witness a car crash on the highway on saturday ( 20 years after 9/11/01

Saturday during this weekend, as I was driving on the highway to a skate park. I literally saw a car spin around out of control and crash into other cars. It was in my rear view mirror , and took two try to call 911. Cause i said the wrong highway number, due to shock. It suck i didnt get to park until I got to the skate park. It alot shock that hit me hard and couldnt skate as good. The crash affect my emotions the day after alot.

The next day, I was doing boxing which was good, but I talk to guy about my heel pain. he told to check with a doctor about it which kinda stress me out. Then later I went to pats game, where i Just very bad intense emotions. The lines where terrible to get in, people were fucking angry, thier was fights and I did not enjoy the football game. I just felt was going to flip the fuck out. I was able to keep my cool, enjoy the rest of the game.

Today, I found out that I had to work from 6:30 am to fucking 6pm or 7:30pm. It extra money, but I feel that going to exposed and have no time to enjoy my hobbies. My ankle were not doing good and just felt extra stress.

I just dont want to snap this week and just get through the week.


Hey @Metalskater1990,

Gosh, I’m so sorry. You’ve witnessed something really shocking and traumatic. How you feel - stressed, restless, like you’re going to explode - is 100% normal after something like that.

When I was a teenager I saw a friend of mine being hit by a car in front of me. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt other than superficially, but she rolled over the car and that was just a shocking vision. I’ve spent days not being able to focus, being more restless and anxious than usual as well, because it’s been like a brutal reality check at the time. The stress goes away with time, but we all react differently.

You’ve been doing the right thing by sharing about it here. Talking, naming your experience and how you feel is really important with that kind of experience. Please know that we are here to listen if you’d like to share more about it and how it’s affecting you. Take it easy in times to come, as much as possible. Try to be even more patient with yourself.I hope your day of work will go as smooth as possible. If you can, maybe try to schedule something really relaing and soothing for you at the end of the day. Something to look forward too and to regain a sense of safety after feeling exposed.

You’re not alone. :hrtlegolove:

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