WMHD Fan #15

I feel alone because when I make decisions and try to be honest all time, I feel like what I’m doing is not right. And when I explain

It’s so tough to feel like your heart aches to do what is right but what happens ends up being the opposite of what you intend…it makes you feel like you have the Midas Touch but in the worst way…that everything you touch, that everything you do will only end in pain for yourself and others because there’s no way to connect your heart to what other people perceive about you…it makes you feel like you’re so alone and so misunderstood…and that you can’t belong. I’m sorry you’re in that spot friend…I remember feeling similarly in my life, like there was nothing I could do, no matter way, to be loved and accepted…no matter how hard I tried I always fell short, and that was such a brutal period because I felt desperately alone. It was like there was some code that I couldn’t crack that would make everything make sense and help me find real connection…I’m sorry you’re in that place now. You are not alone. Thank you for sharing your heart.