WMHD Fan #2

I’m dealing with an illness, sometimes gets better but today I’m in pain. It’s been more than a year and this makes me feel worthless.

Hey friend thank you for sharing what you are going through. Im sorry there are days like this when the pain is unbearable. I know i can heal you. But I know I can be there for you and love you. You do have worth in this world. You just being in this world brings me happiness and joy.

I hope this brought some joy to your day.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern

Illness is an isolating experience, absolutely. Please know you didnt cause this or earn this in anyway. You are worthy of living without the pain, you are worthy of making it through. Thank you for your bravery in your honesty. Remember to care for yourself, and let others care for you too. I know when my illness rears its head it can be hard for me to let others in, especially when I feel I will be judged for my inabilities.

I’m sorry you are going through this. You are not worthless. What you are going through does not define your value. I know it’s tough right now, but it will get better.

I have panic disorder and I struggled with feeling depressed waiting for another day full of panic. One thing my counselor recommended was instead of waiting around for the bad days, I should look forward to the good days and really enjoy them. It helped me a lot. It didn’t make the high panic days go away but it did give me me hope to push through for that ok day.

I can’t take away the pain you are feeling, but I want you know you are not alone in this. You got this!

We are here for you! We love you! Let’s get through this together.

Tomorrow is another and another chance to feel better. Just because today you are in pain, doesn’t mean it will be permanent. Surround yourself with people you love, it will take the pain away