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Woke up feeling sick and now i’m in tears

Long story short; I felt extremely sick yesterday and barely could manage to stay with my therapist for our appointment. I feel even worse today and almost threw up too, but my parents don’t seem to care much. All they care about, is that meeting. I can somewhat understand that, but even my therapist yesterday said i looked very sick and if i hadn’t insisted on staying, because I knew my parents would either be mad or disappointed, he would’ve send me home.

I also feel like the relationship I have, with my parents is going down as well. I’m getting really cautious and sometimes even anxious, when they ask me something, because I feel like one wrong word and they will get mad at me.


I’m really sorry to hear all of that. However, it sounds like your therapist is in tune both with your current health status and what’s going on in your life in general. Those are positive things. It is so hard living in a toxic home situation you can’t escape, but it sounds like you have someone who is truly listening and understanding what’s happening… I hope you can learn more tools and find validation in therapy.

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