Women and PMDD

So last night, I learned about PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and, I’ve never self diagnosed before, but I am sure I have this. My therapist and I always talk about finding me a treatment plan for my outburst before my period, but just didn’t know how to define it. Are there any other women who’s had this and any suggestions? I’m going to ask my physician about it, but of course I am not going to here anything about it over the weekend.

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Hi Queen,

I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from this. I am a bit ‘luckier’ in that my worst symptom is the cramping which is bad enough for me to double over in pain usually. I think it’s because my mom has endometriosis and I think it’s hereditary. I don’t have pain anywhere near as bad as she though, so maybe it just contributed to more severe cramps. I’ve also noticed the day before I get my period I get extremely irritable at everyone for no reason, but I’ve paid enough attention to know it’s not them, it’s me and just grin and bear it. I will also cry at least once at something stupid at some point immediately before, during, or right after.

I did a little digging into PMDD and the main things I’ve found recommended for it is exercise and birth control medicine or SSRIs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was also listed, as well as stress management techniques, but those vary widely and I think you’ve already tried it if memory serves.

I know this probably wasn’t much help but I wish you luck with your doctor consultation.

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@Sapphire Hi Friend

Thank you for your reply. I haven’t quite found what will work out for me. I didn’t know that PMDD was a thing until a friend of mine mention it and told me the symptoms (suicidal thoughts/ideations, severe depression, extreme exhaustion, intense anxiety, and all the regular PMS symptoms). I was just like “well damn, that’s literally everything wrong with me before my period.” I’m hoping that if maybe I start my yoga back up it can help like it helped with my stress before and the issues at the start of my sobriety. I’m not looking for any more meds because I’m just now getting my meds compacted, although they just added another temporary medicine for alcohol cravings. And I can’t hit my therapist up at freaking 1 am when I’m having a mental breakdown over every little thing. I guess what I am hoping for is a way to make it go away, kinda…Idk. All I do know is I don’t want my hospitalization count to skyrocket due to these monthly symptoms.

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