Word of the Day: Birth

It’s not a secret that I’m not doing okay lately, but there’s a small tradition that I always do after I woke up and had my morning coffee. I go out and get my angel cards and I pick a word from those angel cards. These words can be any positive word that’s written on those cards and since I don’t see which word I choose, it’s always random. That word is the word that I try to channel throughout my day.

The word for today was “Birth”. One of my colleagues had a beautiful analogy on that, which I really needed to be honest. Here’s what they wrote: “Birth… Where there is life, there is hope. Even in the darkest shelters, there are children being born. As long as there is life, there is hope.” I really wanted to share that here.

What kind of association do you have with this word?


My first thought was “birth: day!” :smiley:

There’s a reason we celebrate birthdays though. Every baby born is a new human life, full of potential. Someone who will be a real person, with dreams and ambitions and feelings. The beginning of a new narrative, to be written to completion over the coming decades. The literal embodiment of hope for a better future. That’s what birth is: new life, new hope, new potential.

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birth = new beginning, new form, new you.

birth occurs after a difficult time, sometimes painful, sometimes long, sometimes thru a channel we didn’t expect, but when it happens, there is endless possibility for what you can experience!

Lovely exercise!


That is beautifully said! Thank you for sharing that view with us! :hrtlegolove:

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New life, new hope, new potential. That’s a great way of looking at it. How would you channel that through your day?

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Every night I go to bed looking forward to the potential of a good night’s sleep, even though that only happens about 50% of the time. Every morning, once I get over the painful “birthing” process of getting out of bed, I look forward to the potential for a good day. I don’t wake up thinking “Today’s going to suck,” I let that narrative write itself. At the end of the day, no matter how bad it may be, the narrative ends with hope for good rest. The worse the day, the more optimistic I am about a night well slept :slight_smile:


Birth: Creation of a life a world and existence, endless capabilities, endless potential, new and pure, free from corruption. Birth of life can be beautiful, but… There are the cons of it as well.

Sounds like a fun tradition!



In your message you start with all the beautiful things about birth and how life can be beautiful, but at the end you’re also stating that there are cons as well. In your opinion, what are those cons? And do you think that the beauty and the pros of “birth” outweigh the cons?
I understand that these are difficult questions and I would completely understand if you don’t want to answer them here, but I would like to invite you to at least think about them.

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