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Word of the Day: Clarity

After a long time of not posting, I thought that it was time for a new Word of the Day. That word is: Clarity.
For me, Clarity has a lot to do with being able to look back on things and look at it with the wisdom we have now. It’s the basis of being able to make different choices in the now and being able to forgive the people who’ve wronged you in the past. Just my 2 cents on it


From: basicmitch818

I definitely feel that to the core. Now that I am older, my past traumas start to make more sense. Not that what happened is justifiable but it’s easier to see the big picture now. Thank you for this post!


From: Dark Weeb 666 (Matt)

Hi nyntje. I am glad this series is back :slightly_smiling_face:. For me clarity is looking at the desicions we have made not with judgement but with understanding. To understand that the people we once were have helped made the people we are now and that the mistakes we made have helped us become better people.


From: Aces MCL36M

Hallos! It’s a word with many understandings. having the confidence to say if somthings wrong or right, I know alot of people don’t have the confidence to stand up to prove them right or wrong. Even if you get it wrong you learn from you’re mistakes : D ‘Humans make mistakes its part of life’.


From: Micro

I definitely relate to your definition. Clarity seems pretty close to a personal process of growth, a unique state that we can only reach after time and experiences happen, so we can look back to what we thought was true before… but could actually be approached differently. For me personally, clarity is closer to a feeling as well. It’s an emotional state that I would experience whenever I feel like what I know rationally and how I feel emotionally are in harmony. It’s a deep feeling, a strong intuition that something is right at a given time. Thank you for sharing, Nyn. <3


I don’t see many things clearly, but when someone needs help, I am willing to help. It helps me to focus on what matters, life.


i missed this one somehow :o:

Clarity to me is when facts fall into place. Like when there are: 1) things you think, 2) things you believe and 3) things you know… Clarity is when you see what’s “real” in a more subjective way than an emotional way.

thank you for this :slight_smile:


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