Work been stressing me out

I started my new position at my job, and been feeling stress out. I’m janitor and became hire full time. In new building, with new rules and bigger buildings that I’m not use too.

Feelings like I really not doing anything right, afraid of being yell at my boss, losing my job.

Also I get paranoid I’m working with teenagers, cause cleaning the bathroom and kid walk in, I did not leave cuase I was cleaning the walls. So I got paranoid, don’t think people creeping on kids. Next I did girls, where I kept the door open, so kid know that someone cleaning the bathroom. I though these two where about go in bathroom. Then they look at me, I made wired noise cuase I got nervous. That made really stress.

Even cleaning stage room, I wanted to self harm really bad to point I felt intense Agnes. Cuss I felt did not clean it good.


Starting a new job is rough. It will get a little bit easier every day. Bosses usually expect newly hired employees to be nervous and make mistakes. Usually, as long as they see that you are doing your best, they’ll work with you, and help you learn what you need to know. I did janitorial work for a while when I was younger. I worked in restaurants, office buildings, car dealerships, schools, and for a while, the control tower at Detroit Metro Airport. It usually took a few days to figure out how best to clean an area. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the size of the area I was expected to clean, but with practice, I usually ended up finishing a bit ahead of schedule.

Working around teenagers can be a real trip. Once, I was cleaning toilets in the girls bathroom, and a girl came in and took a dump in the stall next to me. All too often, I ran into tampon or feminine napkin disasters. Oh well!

Hi, Like Wings says its rough starting a new job, it doesnt matter who you are, its nerve wracking going into a new situation, being around new people and feeling like you have to impress everyone (that is a lot of pressure) When you add in teenagers and private places like bathrooms, goodness me its gonna take a bit of time to settle in to. People allow for that, perfection is not expected so try not to put that expectation on yourself either and then you may be able to relax into it.
I wish you well with your new job. Stay Strong Friend.

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