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I know I posted about my struggles with worrying about what people think or say about me but I need advice on the work place side of it. I work in a environment with all kind of different people. I find my self with really bad anxiety all the time. Always looking around wondering if people are talking about me or what people think about me. I have a problem with wanting to get approved by everyone. I wanna make everyone happy. I want everyone to like me. When someone doesn’t or somone is a jerk to me i am really hurt by it and my anxiety goes through the roof. I’m so tired of looking over my shoulder and wanting everyone to like me. Anyone have any advice on this in a work environment?


Hi Mooseman!

I have a few work place suggestions that may help you with your anxiety! I get this a lot too since I work in a law office and the environment is brutal sometimes. In addition to the environment, the attorneys tend to be cut throat in a very cunning way. I think something that really would help is understanding that you are at work and you are there to do a job and that’s it. You don’t need to be friends with your co-worker outside of work, but you do have to be cordial with them and they are probably doing the same and thinking the same. I think as long as you do a good job and are friendly, you should be fine!


I can completely identify with your struggle. Work place encounters and environment both greatly contribute to my anxiety. Like you, I struggle whenever I feel like someone is unhappy with me-- and the worst part is that most of the time I’m imagining them hating me. Anyway, I feel like the best approach is similar to @Lisa opinion… regarding work. Try to remember that we go to work to make money, not to make friends. If you do make friends at work, it’s just a bonus (: I’m sure nobody hates you, and that little voice in your head telling you otherwise- just try to conquer it. You got this!
Wishing you the best

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