Work got me like

Mm feeling like crap because if I DIDNT manage to get last Tuesday and Sunday off, and I work all next week along with today and tomorrow, I’d be working TWO WEEKS IN A ROW WITHOUT A DAY OFF. HOW DO THEY EXPECT MY BODY TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE 14 DAYS OF STRAIGHT WORK!? I better get paid good for this because by the time I have a day off, which idk when THAT will be, IM GOING TO BE FREAKING EXHAUSTED. I already am exhausted.


Oh wow, that’s crazy you have to work two weeks in a row without any break. I’m sorry that there doesn’t seem to be an alternative solution.

Since it’s going to be an exhaustive period, it would be good to take care of yourself as much as possible, to eat well, go to bed early, and prioritize some of your favorite self-care activities.

I hope you’ll make it through these two weeks okay and that you can still get some rest during after work hours!


Oh dear, just noticed you’ve posted this as well about your current job situation. What you describe is pretty wild. 2 weeks in a row? I doubt that this is even legal - but not assuming where you live as it can be very different from one place to another.

Do you know what is specified in your job contract about this? I would assume that your managers are allowing themselves some things they’re definitely not supposed to.

Jeez I hope you can get some rest. No doubt you feel exhausted.


I work two jobs, so if i didn’t have the second job I would have two days off. It’s only illegal if it’s only one place working you for seven days or more without a day off, sadly. I wish it still counted in this case.


Yes, I see what you mean - it’s a matter of personal schedule there and how you organize it. I’m really sorry. Not telling you what to do of course, but I would assume that at some point you will need to stop working at one of these places, maybe to find a 1/4 time job instead? Your health - mental and physical - is so important.

Thinking of you today. :hrtlegolove:


Ty. I had filled out an availability form at the place. If they don’t respect the form, I’m putting in my two weeks notice.


Well done. It’s probably the best move to anticipate any misunderstanding (or abuse) of the schedules at your workplace. I hope today has been a good day for you so far. :hrtlegolove:


Ty. I have made the decision to actually quit. Turns out the hotel is full all week, I’m hosting in the morning, and I’m the only morning host tomorrow. I’m done with this place

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