Work pain... literally

So for the last few months as most of you know I’ve been dealing with a back injury that’s been causing issues for me in terms of being able to complete all the duties that my job requires. Well, today I got the blood tests results back from my doctor and thank goodness everything was clear and it is just musuclar damage. However, she told me that it could take anywhere between 8-12 weeks before it starts to return to normal. After meeting with my boss on Monday, it was highlighted to me that if it was not possible for me to be able to do everything the job entails by tomorrow (friday), I would be removed from my department even though there are people also unable to complete the full role who generally struggle with the job normally that have been allowed to stay put. I’ve worked my job for nearly 4 years and I love what I do and it’s something I’m actually good at… The department I will be moved to is one that consists of A LOT of hostility between collegues, including those that have been spreading rumours and things about me since this started and is al in all not overly enjoyable… I don’t really know what to do and how to deal with the move that is going to inevitably happen and the emotion that is going to come with having the one thing I am good at taken away from me… Any advice would be grately appreciated please guys.

Did you ask if you’d be able to move back to your original department after the 8-12 weeks when you’re healthy again? I don’t really think there’s much you can do about being moved to another department but you should definitely find out if this is just a temporary move. If this is going to be a permanent move then id suggest looking for a new job. I know you’ve worked there for 4 years and it might suck but im sure you don’t want to work in that terrible work environment you just talked about where people are talking bad about you. Don’t let this overwhelm and consume you though. Change isn’t always welcomed but it can be for the best sometimes. Keep your head up and keep us posted! Love you Kayla

Hey Kayla! You helped me yesterday so I am going to try to help you today so here it goes:

If I were you I will try to sell it to my boss. An employer has to make sure productivity is at maximum when it comes to the people that work for him/her, but this is only achieved when these employees are happy and satisfited with their job. You could try explaining to your boss that you maximum productivity and best results are reached within your department and a move would mean a final imput that would not be as satisfying for the company as what you can do now. So it is in everyone’s best interest if you remain where you are. You have to try and be persuassive with your boss. At least, this is what I would do.

Best of luck. Cheers!


My dear friend Kayla,

First off I am going to say that friend I am so sorry that this has happened. I know how hard it is to be switched around it jobs to a certain extent.

Some things that I can think of is to ask if you can be switched back to your department when you are able to, or explain the rumors that are being spread from the department in which you are being switched to.

I’m sorry that I cannot be of more aid in this situation, but friend I want you to know that things are going to be ok. I know right now is hard, but friend you are so loved and important. I know those words don’t necessarily help in this case but I just want you to remember them.

I belive in you friend. Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (your old pal Blurryface)

Hey Kayla,

big hugs I am so sorry you’re going through such a rough patch!
From a legal standpoint, jobs are typically required to allow you time to heal as well as accommodate your and not cost you your position. With that said, it also depends on the type of job.

I would look into the legal details about things. If they are moving you on the sole reason that you are being moved, despite a doctor’s note, then they may not be doing the right thing (unless they agree to move you back after your recovery).

If this is a permanent thing and you do not like it (and if it is too hostile of an environment), it would be a very good idea to look for another job. You deserve better than that. While it may be hard changing jobs after 4 years, it may be better for you.

I hope you find a solution that isn’t awful. Love you friend. Hold fast.

With love, hugs, and prayers;
Bethy - Team Out of the Ashes

Hey Kayla.
I will try my best to help as of you helped me.

Firstly I am sorry for your condition and hope it gets better . I would first see if you could transfer back to your old department. Then I would bring up the fact that your other collages are spreading lies about you . Keep trying to convince your boss that it would be better. The other option is to change to a more suited job where you feel safe

Good luck

Hey @Kayla,

I’m so sorry to hear about your back! I burst-fractured my spine back in March and it’s supposed to take 1 full year to completely heal, so I feel your pain! It sounds like you’ll need to push harder than ever for 8-12 more weeks. Is your department understanding of your condition? Since you’ve worked there for 4 years, I’m sure your boss is understanding (I hope!). Take pride in your work experience and know that you WILL get through this difficult time. You’re strong!