I work at a gas station 8 hour shift with no break when we get breaks “run outside and smoke” then run back inside when u get customers I do a about 2 no show no call and That something i shouldn’t be I try expain i have a disability and that effect my sleep and one the reason i no call no show i wasnt trying make excuses what i did trying expain to them and they saying im “flaunting” on my dislility i had end up having 2 panic attack/mental break down one at work and when i got home when i asked for a sick she said “we have nobody to cover and that would have to come in” i told if she make me come in when i will not call no show im trying just a head up so i wouldn’t in trouble isnt that what sick days are for? then said FINE ill do it tonight Honestly idk what to do and how feel


Hey there, @Mystoryisntover :smiling_face:

It seems like you’re going through a complex situation. It’s totally unfair to be in a position where your health is being misunderstood, and requests for support ignored. I hope this response provides you with some comfort and validation.

Empathy and Accomodation - two things you should be met with when a discussion regarding your disability or health surfaces. This discussion shouldn’t be an accusatory one where you are accused of faking or flaunting it. It is your right to take care of yourself where health is concerned.

I’m sorry to hear that the situation has caused you to experience panic attacks and mental breakdowns due to the situation. You are doing your upmost best to communicate your needs effectively. You shouldn’t feel guilty or under pressure for taking rest days. They exist precisely to prevent moments like that

You are your biggest advocate. Ultimately, you know what you need and what you don’t need. You are the expert of your own health. If you are unsatisfied with this situation, it’s a good idea to reach out to higher management or HR. They might give you a better understanding or perspective. Nobody should be made to feel the way you do in the workplace.

The bravery you’ve shown in handling this the best way you can is incredible. Please don’t loose hope. Your health and wellbeing always comes first :green_heart:

Hey Mystoryisntover,
I’m so happy you remembered we’re here for support when you feel overwhelmed. I’ve been in a similar situation, it’s never easy when you’re trying your best to be transparent and seek accommodation and get invalidated. I agree that it might be time to review exactly what the policies and your rights are during an 8 hour shift. No one should be expected to go that long without a break. Is it at all possible for you to get shorter shifts or less hours so that you have more time to recover in between shifts? Maybe even on a short term basis as you seek other support to help you cope with the situation.

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Hi @Mystoryisntover

Sorry to hear you’re going through this as having no breaks sounds awful and not right at all. I haven’t dealt with panic attacks but the fact you have them and aren’t being validated is wrong. You deserve to be heard and respected!


Hello again! It is so good to hear from you after so long, Mystoryisntover :hrtlegolove: I recognised your username immediately and I always love seeing people who disappear from the forum coming back and remembering that this is a safe space to share life’s woes.

I’m so sorry that you are struggling at work and you have bosses who do not understand or respect your rights and situation.

I don’t know where you live but I feel like wherever it is that going 8 hours without a proper break or two is probably illegal. I agree with EvilGenius about contacting your HR department. If you work for a big gas station name or one with multiple locations in any case then there is sure to be an HR you can contact about this situation and about your disability not being respected. If you do not have access to the information in your workplace then you could probably Google it and find who to contact and find the rules not only of your location but also of your company.

Good luck and please don’t be such a stranger around here :hrtlegolove:

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