Worked outside a lot today

So I decided to mow and weed eat today, and I must say I feel so much better compared to a few days ago, it’s actually got me in the mood to clean up and re organize and re arrange my room.


That’s great! You got your endorphins going and that helps you with your mood and feeling good physically. That’s why people with depression are told to go for a walks or go work out. It does really help.

You can do something physical each day and keep up this good feeling <3


Yeah always the main challenge is getting the strength to get up and do something, but it’s nice once you actually do it.


I agree. I showed you the Opposite Action DBT Skill in a previous post of yours. Making yourself get up off the couch or get out of bed to go outside and do yard work is an example of this. Your depression or mood tells you to not get up, but you do it anyway. Sometimes, it’s easier than other times.

I’m glad you had a positive experience.


Hi lonelyfreak,

keep that up. That sounds great.
For others that seems like nothing, but for someone with depression its a lot.
Once you have done something, next time remember the feeling afterwards, get your strength from
that and take another step by doing something. Even little steps help.
Hope you will have a nice day my friend, feel hugged


Well done for taking these positive steps today! Your body and mind surely appreciate the care you’ve given it. The little things can be the most difficult when we are depressed, yet also very rewarding to accomplish. It’s good that you also take time to acknowledge and cherish these victories. It’s a reminder of what you are capable of, even during difficult times. :hrtlegolove:

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Yep yep I remember that video thanks again.

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Thanks and I managed to get up and do some more yard work this morning hopefully I can continue this streak.

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Keep it up this helps you a lot

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