Working in emergency care through covid

I work in a trauma emergency center. These past few weeks have been the most challenging weeks. I am drained every single day but muster up everything to keep pushing through and do this job everyday as our ER is over run every single day.

Ive watched 18 yr olds get diagnosis with covid and put on ventilators more and more lately, and currently watching a coworkers daughter fight for her life with this disease.

Any sort of prayers or encouraging words are helpful for us all.


Hello @Zroberts Im Lisa
Firstly please let me say Welcome to HeartSupport and Thank you so very very much for all that you do and have done through your work but especially during this awful time, I just cannot imagine how mentally and physically draining it has been. I think you and your co workers are inredible human beings that do an amazing job.
I am so very sorry about your coworkers daughter, that is dreadfully sad, I send you and her family all my love and best wishes for her recovery.
I am so pleased that you have posted here, its a great commuity that can and will give you all the prayers and encouragment that you could need. Please if you have chance keep us informed as to how everything goes. My thoughts are most definately with you.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


HI @Zroberts

I have the utmost respect for the folks in your profession. I can’t imagine the things you have seen and dealt with, but I am so grateful for your work. I hope you are able to find a way to rest your mind outside of work, such as a good book, listening to music, or a good conversation with someone you love.

Maybe take some time to get connected with nature, for example looking at flowers or finding a scenic view to just be present in the moment and not worry about all this craziness in the world.

Having you in my thoughts today, <3 Mish


Hey Zroberts!

Megs_26 replied to your post on our live stream with some wonderful words of encouragement and support!

Here is a link to the video so you can hear her response as well,


Hey! Thank you so much! That was a very very sweet video. Just to add some clarity for you because i realize just going off of a “zroberts” makes that a bit more challenging to respond haha. My name is Zack. I am 33, and i have a wife and a 10 year old son. I’m also a pre-med student working towards going to school to be a physician assistant. Thank you so much for every encouraging word, that means so much. My life gets very busy and exhausting very quickly, i make it a point to go to the gym at least 3-4 days a week for some time to myself and i’m slowly but surely learning to sit and just be and spend time in God’s presence has really been what’s been keeping my mind sound and whole. Thank you for the sweet reminder to make sure that i am taking that time for myself.


Thank you so so much! I have followed august burns red since i was a teenager and ive followed heartsupport on instagram for quite some time as well, and last night i just felt god pulling me to look into it alot closer and im so thankful that i did. You guys have been so sweet and encouraging


thank you so much! Not only are we overflowed with covid pt’s but if you imagine all the other emergencies we see daily, gun shot wounds, car wrecks, etc etc, and add all of that together… it overwhelms you quickly if your not 100% focused all the time.

i like the idea of getting connected with nature and i believe god is very able to speak to us through nature and the silence, i absolutely love fall and winter, it’s absolutely beautiful to me and when the leaves change i will have to spend more of my time outside.


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