Working with anxiety

I am very anxious and depressed bout many things i, like everyone else needs to start work. But i am dreading it because it sends my anxiety awol, being around all these people scared of fucking up, being judged and bitched about, having to get up feeling like im being owned. I just dont want to deal with anyone.

Has anyone delt with this.


I can definitely relate to work setting off my anxiety. It’s the worst when I feel fine, but then work triggers my anxiety. I struggle just to get out of bed… Then getting washed and dressed and then I STILL have to work?!? I’m underpaid and that’s depressing too. The entire concept of money is depressing in itself. But then I’m expected to participate in this capitalist game?! It feels like a waste of time and energy… just to earn a paycheck so i can survive in 2019A.D.

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Yes it feels like a big scam. I actually hate getting up because i feel like it so much pressure to wake up when some days i don’t want to then i have to pretend im fine ALL week.

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I completely understand that feeling. My best advice is to take it one minute at a time. I truly believe we will find a solution to this problem. I can’t wait for the day I get to work for myself, and can afford to support myself in my own way. Until then, hang in there. I know its tough. But if you set a bigger goal for yourself, you can work towards things you love too. Which I know can be tough, because work drains everything from me most days. However, believing there is something better is what gets me through most days.

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Yeah thats true having hope and dealing with things one day at a time. Its just so overwhelming i can’t stop thinking about all the things that would go wrong. Anyway thank you for your message