Worried about my friend again & suicidal thoughts

My friend texted me earlier this morning, that she’s close to her breaking point, that her heart hurts and more. I’m so worried about her, it’s driving me crazy. I’m pretty much the ‘therapist’ for all my friends. And I love being there for them, but it’s at moments like this where I feel completely helpless. My friend lives kinda far away, so I can’t even go over there and hug her.

I got so much to deal with myself, in all honesty. There is not one day, I don’t think about taking my life. But I have no one to tell this, since everyone is going through their own battle and hearing this from someone close to you… it breaks you more. I’ve experienced that more than once. I don’t want anyone to go through that.

Yesterday, my parents asked me “If you didn’t have anxiety, what would you like to do in your future?”, and I almost teared up, because I don’t see a future for me. I simply cannot picture myself two years from today. It’s not possible. I can’t imagine being alive then.
If someone talks about something in a few years/the future etc. my first thought literally is “yeah, if I’m still alive then.”, and I hate it.


I’m so sorry your going through this. I suffer through anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts. So i understand what your going through. I’m here for you if you wanna talk. Hang in there

Hi, i know how it feels, it’s hard to open to the people around you, i know that, it take me 2 years talk about how i feel, for a long time faking smile and everyone believe it, but you don’t have to do that, you are important, i know that you think that you are not whorty and you have no future, i’been there for a long time, you have a future trust me, it seems like no one loves you, but they do, find somebody to talk, to tell how do you feel, always someone it’s there for you, you can talk to me if you need somebody.
You are beautiful, whorty, important and you still here, a reason to be alive.
Even if is one of the worst day, there are beautiful and you still breathing no matter what.
Please stay here, always keep fighting.
I seen all the good vibes, i hope that you get well soon, good luck with that and talk with someone, if you can go with a terapist, the mental health matters, you matter too.

This hit hard. Even though I always say that I feel much better than how I did a few years back, I still can’t see my future and I feel as if I was faking all of my current “positive” feelings. I told my parents about this, they didn’t understand and only think that I changed in the past 5 years to worse. Compare me to my past self all the time (the happy, mature little lady that I was). I think that maybe we feel like this, because we don’t let ourselves imagine a brighter future, cause everything seems to be in direct direction to suicide.

I hope you stay strong, i understand how difficult it is to be the person that tries to save everyone when there’s nobody to save you. The only option is for you to save yourself. Try to get the most out of internet forums (those always made me feel better, at least), i felt that i could vent without prejudices.

Your’e making me cry. I understand how that must feel. You probably feel it stronger than I ever have before. It is the same thing with me, the whole ‘‘in the future’’ thing. I just believe that since my freinds need me, I must stay alive. You must never give up on your freinds. You must live! You must do whatever there is in the scope of reality to help your freind!!!
I need to help your freind , too, but I don’t know how, and I don’t expect to ever know how.

Usually, I try to not look too far into the future. I try to take things one day at a time. Sometimes it makes things easier, and sometimes it doesn’t. I found that thinking and planning for my future made the anxiety worse, at least for me.

Remember that you need to take some time for yourself as well. Make sure that you are checking in with yourself so that you can still offer your support for your friend. And remember, we’re here for you, too.