Worried and anxious

Let me just say that I don’t know how to put this.

Earlier this year my grand father was put in hospital because he had trouble breathing and I was just kind of a emotional mess. I just recently found out that he is in hospital again. Luckily not for breathing but for his legs. I am just really worried, anxious and mostly scared. I know hospitals do all they can but awhile back my grandma died in one.

This the second time that he has been in hospital. And I am just worried out of my mind at the moment.

It’s okay to be worried. You seem to really love your grandfather and when you love someone you will worry about them when they are hospital. Especially you because of the stress from the past reasons someone you loved was in the hospital. Just know that the doctors and nurses will try to help him. Is he in the hospital for an extended period of time? Maybe you can visit him. That might help your anxiety and it might even make him happy to see you.

I wish I could bit unfortunately his in a interstate hospital. He likes to travel even though his sort in a bad state.


It makes sense that you would be worried about your grandfather. It’s okay to feel the way you feel. Hold fast. You will get through this.

Thank its just a lot to take on at the moment. It doesn’t help that his hospital is interstate. Its just a lot. I wish I could visit butvjis his too far. It sucks that I can’t even talk to my best friend either because I feel like she sometimes doesn’t listen.
I am so happy to find this place so I can tell people and take the stress off.

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His is still in hospital but he says that he’ll get out some time next week. We tried to find out what is going on but noone really knows. My uncle went up there to find out so hopefully he talked to the doctor there since every thing he told us was fake.