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Worried for a friend

emotionally i’m not in a good place facing a deep depression but still my biggest concern is my friend who doesn’t feel good ,
this is making me crazy … i have my own problems i can’t take this life anymore ,i hate myself, thinking everyone’s life is much better without me , lose so many friends so that they won’t get worried that i’m not OK but still i care a lot for them and try to protect them and be there for them while they’re not there for me i mean i didn’t let them to be !! but this friend that i’m talking about he means a lot to me he often understands me he’s kinda like me he feels and sees the same as me but now with this new problem he’s facing … it scares me … i’m trying to give him his space but the thought that he’s not OK is making me crazy i can’t concentrate i can;t stop thinking about him, i cry for him i think about how is he dealing with it, hope and pray he can go through this … he’s the type of guy who won’t talk to you unless you ask him so i don’t know if he needs me or not and if don’t contact him he would let me go so i’m looking for even simple things to text him or call him and of course nowadays with this new virus (corona) can’t see him anymore… i don’t wanna lose him …
among all these horrible days he is my only hope and now i feel completely useless like i can’t do anything for him i just want him to be better i can endure everything in my life but not him being like this … :(((

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Hey friend, Sounds like you and your friend both have a lot of things going on right now. Make sure you are taking time for you and taking care of yourself how you need to <3

I know sometimes it can be easy to see what others have and wish that we had those things to. I know how easy it can be to hate ourselves for not being more like others. But that is a dangerous cycle my friend. We all grow and progress through life differently. We all go at our own pace. Just because you may not be where some others are, doesn’t mean you wont ever get there. Doesn’t mean you wont ever have those things.

I used to dwell a lot on what things other people had and I would just become so bitter and angry. It really just tore me down. I think we sometimes need to look at the good around us and embrace that. And look for the things that make us happy. The things that we are passionate about. It can be a challenge sometimes, but if we challenge our minds, our attitudes, our mindset and perspective, we will find that we can push through things so much easier. Attitude is everything I have found. <3

Your friends and family are NOT better without you. Your life matters. You matter. Everything that you feel and are going through matters. And how you feel is completely valid.

As far as your friend. I can see that you are a very caring and loving friend. And that this person is very lucky to have you. It’s nice to have a friend that cares so deeply for you. When I have friends that are hurting and that don’t always know how to reach out or talk, I just try to send them messages of love. Like

“Hey, I know you’re having a hard time, I just want you to know that when you’re ready I am here” or

“Hey, I am thinking about you. I just want you to know that I care, I know you don’t always know how to talk about it, but when you feel like you can I’m here”

Something like that. It goes a long way. Just reminding them sporadically that we are thinking about them and are there when they are ready can be so comforting. <3 Put no pressure on them. Just extend that. In time they will come around.

I hope that you and your friend get feeling better darl’n. Know that you are always welcome to share your heart and mind here. Are you in the discord already? If not, you should join us:

Stay strong sweet friend


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